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A cat sitting on top of a bed
Single Mom Rosey and her six kittens. Photo: Lifelineforpets.org

Meet Rosey

Thanks to our friend Darlene for this sweet post.

Fast deets:

  • Female feline DSH
  • Breed: gray/silver tabby
  • Yellow eyes
  • Age: Unknown, but young (one year approx.)
  • Recently gave birth, nursing six kittens
  • In fine health

Darlene says: “A rose is a rose! Rosey is a real SUPERSTAR! She’s not only SUPERSWEET, but she also absolutely rocked being a first-time mother!  Hard to believe that Mama Rosey had to be all by herself in her time of need!

All alone, heavily pregnant and in much need of help, she somehow found her way into the Monrovia Home Depot gardening tools section and made her home there, right in the middle of the roses aisle, where everyone could see her beauty and sweet purr-tonality. The employees fed her for a couple of weeks until a plea was put out for a rescue to come get her before she had her babies. Lured by a treat, she willingly walked into a carrier and was brought into foster care. 

Fortunately, she was found to be in excellent health, just very underweight. She is very sweet, loves pets, attention, eye- and nose-kisses, and possibly a lap cat. She is also trusting of humans. She will be spayed as soon as she’s finished nursing her six kittens and prior to adoption. Young Rosey can then put motherhood behind her and be welcomed into a home where she can play like a kitten again!

See more of Rosey at Lifeline for Pets at https://www.lifelineforpets.org/rosey–kittens.html, where you will also find our adoption application.”

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