Frogs, Hairballs and Family Pets in Need of Homes

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A close up of a frog

We may be fashionably late to the party, but April is chock-full of animal and pet observances, including:

  • National Frog Month
  • Canine Fitness Month (AKA Active Dog Month)
  • Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month
  • April 11 is National Pet Day
  • April 19 is National Cat Lady Day, and also Dog Parent Appreciation Day
  • April 26 is National Hairball Awareness Day
  • April 30 is National Adopt—Shelter-Pet Day AND National Tabby Day

There are many ways to celebrate!

Frog Month: Share the awesomeness of these fabulous swamp folk with kids. Did you know? Frogs were the first land animals to develop vocal cords (as in, before birds could sing), and they have been on Earth for more than 200 million years. Frogs breathe and absorb water through their skin. Fun resources for book reports and other projects are here.

Developing an appreciation for frogs is important for all of us because worldwide, many frog populations are declining in response to global warming. More than 100 amphibian species are now in danger of extinction, and more than two in five amphibian species (including newts, salamanders and worm-like caecilians) are at risk, making them the most threatened group of vertebrates on Earth. 

Canine Fitness Month: Lace up those sneakers and commit to taking your dog on more hikes, swims, sprinkler runs, power walks, and park rambles. And, if someone you know has a dog who’d love some more exercise, offer to do the legwork.

National Hairball Awareness Day: Gift your felines with a new comb or brush for grooming, especially as the hot summer weather approaches. And gift something similar to the cat people in your life.

National Adopt-a-Shelter-Pet Day: The course of action seems obvious. But maybe you can’t take on another beastie right now. We understand. Then, volunteer at a shelter or rescue and donate to a rescue or rescuer. Most have wish lists. Many rescuers simply need things like clean (used are OK!) blankets and towels.

Meet Jazzy

Thanks to our friend Darlene for this jazzy post!

Darlene says: “What do Dolly Patron and Jazzy, a female calico DSH born approximately 8/2023, have in common?  Both have a marvelous ‘coat of many colors!’ But unlike Ms. Parton, Jazzy’s bright hues are all-natural, and she even has that rare ‘bull’s-eye’ pattern. Snazzy Jazzy is a very affectionate young girl who loves to be by your side, sprawling dramatically in the sun, displaying all her vibrant colors and patterns. She enjoys a lot of attention, quality time, and neck scratches. She will want to know what you’re doing and want to su-PURR-vise to make sure you’re doing it right. She’s young and curious and would ideally fit in a home where you can spend time with her, give her attention, and have lots of pets. Fun Fact: she was an avid climber of lemon trees in her younger days. So, if you’re looking for some flamboyance and a chatty companion who loves a good snuggle session, this friendly little girl is worth checking out. She’s a ‘must see’ in PURR-son! She’s spayed, current on vaccines, healthy, and chipped.

To visit, go here!

Meet Sydney

  • Female canine
  • Breed: Basset / Lab mix
  • Age: 5 years old
  • Short, smooth coat
  • Coloring: white with black spots —  almost like “Petey” in “Our Gang.”
  • Spayed, vaxxed, in fine health
  • Temperament: goofy and sweet
  • Not much barking!
  • Friendly with other dogs

It’s urgent. Unless she’s already been euthanized (possible…), she’s waiting for you on Death Row @MORENO_VALLEY_SHELTER_ANIMALS. If you can offer immediate fostering, rescue will provide food, doggie supplies, and vet care.

TEXT: 951-212-7484

Meet Momma Vena #A796076 and her family

Humans officially celebrate Mother’s Day on May 12, but motherhood is a constant in the animal world. Here’s a jailhouse litter of gorgeous tabby kittens and their elegant mother at Devore Shelter. All we know is that Momma Vena #A796076 is female (duh!), gray marbled tabby with white “socks,” and she’s got six tabby kittens who are about 2-3 weeks old as we go to press, including a marmalade ginger baby.

See details.  To visit, foster, adopt:

Devore Animal Shelter
19777 Shelter Way
San Bernardino, CA 92407
(909) 386-9820 – press 2 for Devore Shelter, then press 3 to speak with a shelter agent.

Meet Brock #A563828

Thank you, Bonnie B., for sharing Brock’s story with us.

This shelter is so overcrowded that Brock, a beautiful GSD mix, is already short-listed for euthanasia, even though she’s only been there a week or so. Here’s a link to view many more dogs, and many new, warm, wiggly puppies of all shapes, sizes and breeds, facing the same fate: Brock is unspayed, about two years old, and has a mostly black coat with a tan undercoat.

San Bernardino City Shelter
333 Chandler Place
San Bernardino, CA
(909) 384-1304

Meet Zayla

Thank you, Marie C., for sharing Zayla’s story.

We are grateful to the nonprofit rescue agency Woof Project for keeping Zayla off Death Row. She’s available for foster or adoption. Zayla is fun-loving and loyal, responds well to training, loves outdoor activities, is in fine health, and is current on all vaccinations. To meet her, contact Woof Project.

Meet Sara and Brody

Thanks to the fearless rescuer Ronnie K. for saving Sara, a mellow shepherd/collie female dog, and for sharing Brody’s story.

            Ronnie K. and team snatched Sara from a filthy, rat-riddled pallet lot in DTLA on the outskirts of Skid Row while the 10 Freeway burned overhead. Sara was hit by a car and endured a pelvic fracture and is currently recovering while in temporary foster care. Here, we feel obliged to add that Ronnie K. pays staggering medical bills out of her own pocket for Sara and the other dogs and cats she pulls from hellish circumstances.

Sara is now beginning to walk more comfortably as her leg heals. Her temperament is sweet and gentle. A long-term foster or forever home is now needed. Reach Ronnie at 310-804-1555 to meet Sara!

Meet Brody

This beautiful, deep-dark-chocolate male dog spent the first year of his life in a choking-tight collar, chained to mean-streets asphalt, 24/7. Yes, “tethering” a dog for that long each day is against the law. In Los Angeles, many crimes go unpunished. But the good news is, since being rescued, Brody is growing, growing grown: he’s 80 lbs. now! Needs a human who knows big breeds and needs a large, safe yard to play in. He’s been trained and likes other dogs. He’s healthy, snuggly, social, and would love to be loved by kind humans. Contact Ronnie K. at 310-804-1555.

Meet Mad Marmalade #24-093338

They say the camera doesn’t lie, and dogs seem more willing to smile for the camera than many felines. This is a gorgeous, 16-pound ginger and white DSH cat who knows what’s up. Gender unknown. Age unknown. What this cat DOES know is that, with all due respect, SEAACA is a high-kill shelter. The clock is ticking, so contact the shelter immediately if you can help #24-093338.

Another resident of the Downey shelter is Ms. #24-09283, which we’re calling “Mee-Shell.” She is an adult female tortoise weighing 3 pounds. Tortoises thrive in our climate and are happy to eat hibiscus flowers served in a shallow dish of water.

Southeast Area Animal Control AuthoritySEAACA
9777 Seaaca Street
Downey, CA
(562) 803-3301
Closed Mondays

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