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Here are the adoptable pets of the week.

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A cat sitting on top of a bed


A cat lying on the ground
Little Baby Lambchop (right). Photo: Renata Murez

Thanks, Renata M, for bringing this sweet little feline girl to our attention.

Renata writes: “Very sweet 4-1/2-month-old calico girl “Baby Lambchop” is in need of a wonderful fur-ever home. Once flea-infested and riddled with disease, this lucky gal spent the first month of her life hiding underneath a dilapidated apartment complex by day and dumpster-diving by night for her meals until the amazing rescuer, Ron Thomas, came along and gave her a second chance at life. Baby Lamb is fully vetted, super healthy, and gets along perfectly with other cats! Please consider adopting this sweet gal. We promise you will have loads of fun and cuddles. If super-interested in visiting with her, email [email protected], or call or text 310-874-3101.”

Molly and Four Obsidians

A cat with its mouth open
Snatched from the street, this little cat is just setting out on life’s adventures. Photo: Lori Mostafa

Thanks, Lori M, for bringing these precious babies to our attention! We don’t have many details, but we do know this is urgent. This tiny, calico-and striped kitten now called Molly is 8 weeks old. She was found in a trash can, needs immediate foster. Eyes are just turning from baby-blue to adult hazel.

A cat sitting on top of a bag
An immediate foster is needed to take these babies off the street. Photo: Lori Mostafa

 And four very young charcoal feline babies with baby-blue eyes, literally living amidst garbage in a yard where they are easy pickin’s for predators also need immediate foster care.

Providing a safe place for a week or even a few days will allow these kittens to eat and rest and will allow the rescue community to find more permanent arrangements for them.  

Contact Lori if you can help: [email protected]


A cat sitting in front of a window
Clawdia Schiffer looks as sweet as a fudge brownie. Photo: Darlene P

Thanks to the awesome Darlene P. for this post!

Darlene writes: “Clawdia’s journey hasn’t been without its challenges, but her spirit remains unbroken. Rescued from a shelter where she clawed half her face off and bravely battled through adversity, Clawdia’s scars are a testament to her resilience. Despite some hair loss and scarring on her head and neck from a food allergy, she’s healed and ready to embrace life with gusto. Clawdia lives for playtime, and she’s always ready to engage with her human companions. If you’re looking for a cat who craves attention and companionship, Clawdia fits the bill perfectly. Because Clawdia is a bundle of energy, she’d do best in a home with at least one other feline friend to keep her company during playtime. With her first birthday behind her, she’s all grown up and ready to embark on a lifetime of adventures with her forever family. Are you ready to open your heart and home to Clawdia Schiffer?” 

Contact to meet Clawdia.

TESSA #A5605237

A close up of a dog
Tessa #A5605237, are you still out there? Photo: DACC

Thank you, Isabelle and Jianna.

There was a puppy named TESSA #A5605237 at the high-kill Downey Animal Care Center. She may still be with us, but it’s unclear. As we go to press, she is past due for euthanasia.

Email [email protected] or Jianna at [email protected] immediately for the latest.

  • Female canine
  • Age: 9 months old
  • Breed: Lab mix
  • Coloring: White/tan
  • Size: Medium, 37 lbs.
  • Spayed, in fine health
  • High energy, relaxed, wiggly
  • Needs to be in an adult home, no kids or small animals
  • Likes large dogs, likes “push-pull play style”

Tessa nipped her previous adopter and was returned to the shelter after six days. We post her story with the knowledge that she may already be gone. If this is the case, you still have uncounted opportunities to help an animal facing euthanasia. There are many to choose from.

Downey Animal Care Center
11258 Garfield Avenue
Downey, CA 90242
(562) 940-6898

Monday-Saturday, 11am-5pm
If you are a rescue, please email: [email protected]


A cat sitting on a rock
Jude wouldn’t be opposed to a Hail Mary. Photo: Ronnie K

Seeking immediate foster for a cat we call Jude. St. Jude has for centuries been regarded as the Patron Saint of Lost Causes, the Apostle of the Impossible.  Sunnier dispositions call St. Jude the saint of hope. For the first time in history, the relic of St. Jude – a fragment of the Apostle’s arm – has traveled from Rome and is now touring the USA, including veneration and a special 7:00 PM Mass at St. Andrew Church in Pasadena on Friday, May 10.

In the case of this cat, Jude may actually be a Judy.  We don’t really know. This friendly cat is being rescued from the streets of south LA in need of immediate medical care due to an anal prolapse. 

If you can help, even for a few days as a foster, call Ronnie K at 310-804-1555.

This just in: Ronnie also seeks a home for two adorable Shep-mix-ish puppies, Bonnie (9 months old) and Toby (7 months old), rescued from the same intersection in Watts. Ronnie can supply photos and videos. Ideally, the pups can be adopted together.


A dog lying on the grass
Ofelia is waiting! Call 626-483-6936. Photo: Bonnie Barron

Thanks to Bonnie B. for bringing us this wonderful doggo!

Beautiful Ofelia needs an immediate foster home where she can continue to decompress from her long stay locked up at the shelter and the vet’s office. She’d be a great match for someone who is retired or works from home and can give her plenty of exercise, walks and attention. She loves to play with her toys and cuddle. She’ll do well as an only dog or paired with a large, calm male dog. She’s not compatible with cats.

  • Female canine
  • Breed: Pit mix
  • Age: 3 years old, 54 lbs
  • Spayed, in fine health

Fosters will be supplied with food and all other necessities. Contact Bonnie at 626-483-6936 to meet Ofelia.

As Mother’s Day approaches…

Meet MOMMA AMI #A797407

A cat lying on a bed
Instant fam! Momma Ami #797407 and babies make seven. Photo: Devore Shelter

Striped gray tabby mom cat, about one-year-old, with six kittens about one month old.

Also: Meet KALEIGH #A797212

A cat that is lying down and looking at the camera
Kaleigh #A797212 is not happy. Can you blame her? Photo: Devore Shelter

This female feline clearly had been a pet. Age unknown.

AND, Meet TOMORI #A797287

A cat that is looking at the camera
Tomori #A797287 looks hopeful. Photo: Devore Shelter

Feline, silver-gray tabby markings with white foundation. Age unknown, gender unknown.

Meet TERUMI #A797281

A cat that is lying down and looking at the camera
Terumi #A797281 just wants to go home. Photo: Devore Shelter

Feline, white chest, belly, mask, with graphite tabby markings. Age unknown, gender unknown.

19777 Shelter Way
San Bernardino
(909) 386-9820 – press 2 for Devore Shelter, then press 3 to speak with a shelter agent


A dog looking at the camera
Lucky already got lucky once. Now he needs one more happy twist of fate. Photo:

Thanks to for snatching this lucky dog from death row at Devore.

This little survivor would be an excellent companion for someone who works from home or is retired and has time and energy for long, soulful walks.

  • Male canine
  • Breed: Heinz 57
  • Size: Small
  • Age: 10 years old
  • Neutered, vaxxed, chipped, in excellent senior health
  • Crate-trained, dog-friendly with all ages and sizes
  • Great on the leash, sweet-natured

To apply as an adopter for Mr. Lucky, email [email protected] or hit the ADOPT tab at

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