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A California Senate committee lays down proposed animal welfare laws.

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The Senate Committee on Business, Professions and Economic Development recently passed several animal welfare measures. Two bipartisan bills were authored by Republican Senator Janet Nguyen of Huntington Beach: Senate Bill 1459 to require large county animal control agencies to post online how many animals they take in monthly and how many get euthanized, plus SB 1478 to lay out standards for veterinarians’ notations, including for pain control and treating injuries.

Another bill to streamline certification for spaying and neutering pets also passed the committee. Let us know what you think about these laws in the comments.

And speaking of law. We are always being asked about animal cruelty. How is it defined? Is it a crime? Check out this legal definition. We do not endorse this specific law firm or its services, but this information may be helpful as a general guide.

It’s Official

Tail Town Cats, which we previously featured, is now registered as a 501c(3) charity. Tail Town was founded in 2021 and is the only cat café in the San Gabriel Valley. If you’ve recently said goodbye to a cherished feline and aren’t quite ready to seek a new ailouros (meaning rapidly-flicking tail), we recommend a 60-Minute Cat Pass or a Monthly Cat Pass to get those feline feels.

These experiences are great pet prep for anyone considering asking a cat to join the family. And check out Cats on Mats Purr-lates (45-minute basic Pilates class) or Caturday Morning Cartoons (cereal, coffee, and retro cartoons, accompanied by up to 40 adoptable, adorable cats).

These cats need jobs

A cat sitting on a counter
Some cats, including ferals and feralized strays, prefer the wide-open spaces. Photo: Jennifer Federico

Thanks to Jennifer Federico for this interesting and important post.

Jennifer writes: “Homes needed for ‘working cats’ stuck in Los Angeles shelters. 

Sometimes, unsocialized and/or feral cats end up in the shelter. These cats do not belong in the shelter because they are not used to humans and don’t want to live with humans, so they really aren’t adoptable.

At the same time, it is totally inhumane to keep them in a cage at the shelter for weeks or months on end. 

“You can help these cats if you have a backyard or workplace that would be a suitable home for a ‘working cat’ (working to keep the space free from rodents!). Rescue agencies can help you set up the cat (who would already be spayed or neutered); normally, the cat stays in an enclosure on the property for a couple of weeks while they get acclimated to the new environment, and then they are released (hopefully to stick around!). Some workplaces that could be good locations for working cats include barns, breweries, rectories and warehouses. Your responsibility as the working cat’s guardian is to feed the cat, give them a safe place to live, and keep an eye on them in case of injury or illness.”

Reach out to Jennifer at 415-341-7943 for more details.

Meet Double Pug-Mix bros, Asia Zing and Lemon Pepper

A dog sitting on a bed
Brothers Asia Zing and Lemon Pepper are ready to join the right family. Photo: Bichon Rescue Brigade

A big thank-you to N.T. Tucker for telling us about these sweet brother pugs!

  • Two canines, male
  • Breed: Pug Mix
  • Coloring: Vanilla-blonde, charcoal muzzle, wiry hair, minimal shedding
  • Age: approximately 12 months old
  • Neutered, Vaxxed, Chipped, In fine health

The rescue says: “Two pug mix puppies available for adoption! Both males, approximately 12 months, and neutered/vaccinated/microchipped. Potty-trained, but needs more training on chewing/jumping etc. The smaller, stockier one (Asia Zing) is a sweetheart who likes cuddling and napping beside his human. He would be fine solo or with other dogs, as he likes to play but also likes his rest/quiet time. He is very curious about his surroundings and wary of new people. He is a vigilant watchdog and will bark to alert. Wiry hair doesn’t shed.

The taller one (Lemon Pepper) is more timid but, once warmed up, is super
playful/active and very affectionate. He could be a great companion to another dog or to older kids, or someone with an active lifestyle. Luckily, he is very treat/food motivated, so will be easy to train. Mixed fur/wiry hair, minimal shedding.”

For a meet and greet, apply online at bichonrescuebrigade.org/adopt/available-dogs/.

We call her Lucy

A cat that is looking at the camera
We’ve named her Lucy, the patron saint of eye care. Photo: Hannah Lin

Thanks to Hannah Lin for taking this sweet girl from a busy intersection in Temple City! This cat is a female, DSH, age unknown. She’s mostly white with soft gray tabby stripes on the tail and head. The cat will be taken to Pasadena Humane soon.

Hannah writes: “White paws, gray pattern, yellow-hazel eyes, and her right eye is shifted upward, no collar, no microchip. Super friendly and approachable. She is well-behaved and definitely seems house-trained. If this is your cat, please send us pictures as proof.”

About that right eye. We are not veterinarians, but we do suggest that Lucy gets checked ASAP. We also think she’s lovely just as she is.

Reach out to Hannah at [email protected], 626-235-9118

The Devore Animal Shelter is Overflowing

For all of the below Devore listings, Call 909-386-9820—press 2 for Devore Shelter, then press 3 to speak with a shelter agent. Rescues: press 1 to talk with the rescue coordinator.
• Devore Animal Shelter
• 19777 Shelter Way
• San Bernardino, CA 92407
• All photos in this section are courtesy of the non-profit Networking Devore Shelter Cats.

A cat that is looking at the camera
Sleek Sherlock #A796678 hasn’t a clue how he ended up here. It’s elementary, my dear Watson—and he needs to be adopted with a medical waiver. Photo: Devore Animal Shelter

Meet Sherlock #A796678

  • Male feline, DSH
  • Coloring: Black, with yellow eyes
  • Age: 1 year old
  • His health is overall good, but he has respiratory sniffles, so he must be released with a medical waiver
A cat with its mouth open
Buttersby #A796653 is ready to rock on three legs. Photo: Devore Animal Shelter

Meet Buttersby #A796653

This buttery blond ginger cat arrived at the shelter with a bad injury. His leg was recently amputated. You may be surprised to know that “tripods” do quite well.
• Male feline DSH
• Age: 3 years old
• Coloring: Blond-apricot
• In good overall health, successfully recovering from major leg surgery, so will be released with a medical waiver.

A cat that is looking at the camera
These five beauties will only be released to a rescuer. One of them scratched while they were being picked up together in Yucaipa. Shelter team is unsure which one. As they say in the slammer, snitches get stitches. So these cats ain’t talkin’, not even Marbles. Cat got your tongue? Photo: Devore Animal Shelter

Meet Bree #A796733, Nightowl #A796734, Marbles #A796735, Quazar #A796736, and Pippin #A796737

A cat sitting on top of a cage
Moonbeam #A796535 looks like she’s had it rough. But she’s still so beautiful. Rescue only, because she’s testy. Can you blame her? Photo: Devore Animal Shelter

Meet Moonbeam #A796535

We don’t know much about this slightly shaggy, mostly white, calico-ish female feline, except that she will only be released to a rescuer.

A cat lying on a bed
One of four eight-week-old kittens. Photo: Devore Animal Shelter
A close up of a cat
We can’t say for sure which of the four beans is pictured here, but we can say they’re cute and need loving homes. Photo: Devore Animal Shelter

Meet Pinto #A796793 (female) ; Chickpea #A796794 (female); Chili Beanz #A796795 (male) ; BBQ Beans #A796796 (male)

These eight-week-old kittens will be released with a medical waiver because they have conjunctivitis (inflammation of the eyes).

Feel the Love at Pasadena Humane

A dog sitting in the grass
Dewdrop’s sweet nature makes her a favorite among Pasadena Humane volunteers. Photo: Pasadena Humane.

Meet Dewdrop #A514024

  • Female canine
  • Breed: Rottweiler mix
  • Age: Three years old
  • Size: Rather petite at 65 pounds
  • Coloring: Classic black-and-nutmeg
  • In fine health. Temperament: Very sweet and affectionate
  • Active and energetic.
  • Adoption cost includes spay, microchip, and vaccines.
  • Ideal for a family that hikes, camps, and plays!
A dog sitting on top of a green frisbee in his mouth
Sir Henry #A513733 was discovered wandering around the Rose Bowl. He’s got lots of doggy-kisses to share. Photo: Pasadena Humane

Meet SIR HENRY #A513733

  • Male canine
  • Age: 10 years old
  • Breed: Heinz 57; Lots of wild hair!
  • Coloring: Salt and pepper
  • Good with other dogs and people
  • Friendly, lots of tail-wags.
  • Eligible for Pasadena Humane’s Seniors-for-Seniors program. If you are age 60+, you may adopt this senior dog FREE of charge.

New adopters at Pasadena Humane will receive a complimentary health-and-wellness exam from VCA Animal Hospitals, as well as a doggie bag (or kitty care package) containing important info on how to care for your new pet.

Pasadena Humane
361 S. Raymond Avenue
Pasadena CA 91105

Meet Clover

A cat that is looking at the camer
Pick Clover! Photo: Lifeline for Pets

A special thank you to our good friend Darlene for bringing sweet little Clover to our attention! Clover has just barely entered this world. She was born on February 24, 2024. Some of us have leftovers in the fridge that are older than that! Her eyes are still blue. Will they stay that color? Let us know… Her mom is a Siamese queen, and Clover is a soft little tuxedo girl.

Darlene writes: “Looking to add a touch of sweetness and charm to your life? Look no further than Clover, the adorable tuxedo kitten with a heart of gold and a personality as vibrant as her namesake. Clover may not sport the traditional Siamese look of her mother, but don’t let her appearance fool you—she’s got all the affectionate traits of her Siamese heritage packed into her petite frame. 

Clover will be ready to move on to her forever home until after April 24, and she’s already accepting applications for her adoption. So, why wait? Don’t miss your chance to welcome this precious gem into your family.”

Presented by Lifeline for Pets
Call or text foster mom Gabbi at (626) 808-8557 for more info.

We love a dog in uniform

A dog looking at the camer
Woof. So handsome! Photo: Pasadena Police Department

Handsome Barry serves as part of the Pasadena Police Department’s K9 Team, which apprehends suspects and detects explosives, working with Officer Lewy. Barry turns three years old in September and has been with the force for nine months. Barry is a Belgian Malinois and aced his demanding training in French Ring Sport, a rigorous course that includes agility, obedience and protection.

Meet the K9 team on Saturday, May 4, from 9 AM to 2 PM in front of PDP headquarters, 207 Garfield Avenue, Pasadena, 91101.

It’s the annual “May the 4th Be with You! Recruitment & Hiring Expo”—no light saber required.


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