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A close up of a cat
"The north wind doth blow,
And we shall have snow,
And what will the robin do then? Poor thing!
She'll hide in the barn,
To keep herself warm,
And tuck her head under her wing."

– Anonymous

We usually have it pretty easy here in the Greater Pasadena area when it comes to winter weather. But we’re convinced that walks in the rain are more fun with a dog, and lazing in bed after hitting the snooze button is especially delicious with a purring feline (or three).

Here come Trouble and Gordo

Thank you so much, Denise Robb, for bringing this urgent matter to our attention.

With apologies, we don’t have a lot of information on these two dogs, except to say that because of a housing dispute, the humans who love these dogs may lose their homes by the time you read this. So, let’s all suspend judgment. Time is of the essence.

Both dogs are young and in need of training (Trouble can jump fences!) but very social and non-aggressive. Both dogs require spay/neuter. It’s a rather desperate situation, and a friend of the owners, Denise, may be reached at [email protected] if you can help!

Meet NOMA (no name)

Thank you, Shelby Steinberg, for bringing this beautiful cat to our attention.

As we go to press, this pretty cat has no name. Shelby found her/him (not sure) running into the concrete wall of the carport at her home. The cat is currently being examined at Pasadena Humane and will be checked out, chipped and spayed if needed.

The cat appears young, based on photos. Domestic shorthair cat. Gray/blonde/brown tabby, green eyes. No other details are known.

If you’re interested in meeting this cat, contact [email protected].

Meet Sadie

Thank you, Kevin, for bringing this beauty to our attention!

Sadie is no longer a puppy but has lots of learning and loving to do.

• Female canine
• Breed: GSD; Coloring: classic black/tan, GREAT EARS!
• Age: 1 year old. Size: 60 lbs.
• In fine health, intelligent, calm manner
• Fast learner and people-pleaser!
• Knows key commands (sit, down, touch)
• Will do best in a quiet, calm environment.
• Will be chipped, spayed, and vaccinated as part of PasHumane’s $150 adoption fee.

To meet Sadie, visit:
361 S. Raymond
Pasadena, CA 91105


Thank you, Darlene, for informing us about this fabulous feline.

This glamorous gal was a severely injured cat rescued from a bad situation. Her stay at the county shelter was so stressful and traumatic that she clawed herself in anxiety. retrieved her and facilitated her costly medical treatment, and she’s doing much better now. The pink area on her neck in the photo is healed, and the fur is growing back.

Her rescuers say: “In light of her sensitivity to stress, we think that Clawdia would do best as an ONLY PET, ideally in a calm household where she can get lots of attention (perhaps from one or more humans who WFH). This attention includes but is not limited to unlimited ear scritches and chin rubs on demand, an investment in Feliway pheromone diffusers, the willingness to stream Cat TV in your absence, and the possible (but not certain) administration of daily anxiety meds. In exchange for providing these 5-star accommodations, Ms. Schiffer promises to always be by your side and to shower you with endless hugs and kisses. Standing on your lap, she’ll place a paw on either shoulder and rub her cheeks all over your face whether you want her to or not.

Clawdia is vaxed, spayed, microchipped, and FIV/FeLV negative. She’s all ready to move into her luxurious new digs.”

• Female Feline
• Breed: Snowshoe Siamese. Age: 10 months (approx.)
• Coloring: tan back, white chest, deep espresso-and-white face, ice-blue eyes
• Size: Small, recovering from trauma, sensitive but affectionate
• Needs a peaceful setting and be the only mammalian quadruped in the home.
• MAY need Rx for anxiety (TBD).

To meet Claw-dia, visit

And, please support this fundraiser if you can, to help other animals like Miss Clawdia at

Meet Danny

Thank you, Joanna Schilling, for sharing Danny’s story!

• Male canine
• Breed: Mini-Schnauzer. Age: 6 years old.
• Size: Compact
• Coloring: Fluffy white with floofy gray ears and soulful “raccoon-eyes”
• Fully housebroken. Doggy-door trained. Vaxed.
• Will do best as only dog. May be OK with a female dog. Loves exercise!

To meet Danny, email his current owner at [email protected].

Meet Boba #A793581

This little girl isn’t feeling well. And not feeling well reduces her chances of escaping euthanasia. When she was admitted to the Devore Shelter, she was vomiting and lethargic. Bringing her into your life will require serious commitment.

• Female canine
• Breed: GSD. Coloring: Classic black and tan
• Age: 14 weeks. Anxious to get out.
• Will be released with a medical waiver; you will need to purchase and administer Boba’s Rx.

To meet BOBA #A793581, call (909) 386-9820. Press 2 for Devore Shelter, then press 3 to speak with the shelter agent.

Devore Animal Shelter
19777 Shelter Way
San Bernardino, CA 92407

More to love at Devore

Meet Cocomelon #A793686 (male) and Sabrina #A793687 (female)

These sweet, sleek feline DSH siblings need your help! They are about three months old. He’s chocolate, she’s licorice.

To meet these two young brother-sister cats, call (909) 386-9820
Press 2 for Devore Shelter, then press 3 to speak with the shelter agent.

Devore Animal Shelter
19777 Shelter Way
San Bernardino, CA 92407

Brady Bunch?

Urgent-listed at Devore. Their days are numbered—seriously. By the time you read this, some of these cats may have been euthanized.

A bunch of different pictures of a cat
The Brady Bunch. Photo: Devore Animal Shelter

Adoptable with a medical waiver, two very young, beautiful pearl-gray tabbies:

Mist #A793446 – female, eight weeks old, has sniffles
Zack #A793625 – male, eight weeks old, has sniffles

The cats below may have sneezing, nasal and eye discharge, as well as swatting / lunging behavior. Their behavioral issues require that they be taken by a rescuer only.

Stars #A793387 – Deep gray tabby, has sniffles.
Reed #A793466 — Jet-black beauty.
Jenga #A793467 – Deep gray, has sniffles.
Flurry #A793468 – Fabulous long, graphite-charcoal fur.
Igloo #A793525 – Marshmallow plush!
Cinder #A793525 — Ginger!
Cheese #A793574 — Ginger, too!!
Kaimim #A793584 — Gray tabby with a white blaze.
Ardal #A793594 — Another Ginger!!!
Euriell #A793636 — Mostly white, tabby saddle and brow, has sniffles.

Bear in mind that stressful, traumatic and crowded conditions in the shelter contribute significantly to both physical and behavioral problems. While we don’t know these cats specifically and have very little information, routine medication may clear their sniffles, and a stable household setting may reveal that their personalities are relaxed and non-aggressive.

To meet any of these cats, call (909) 386-9820. Press 2 for Devore Shelter, then press 1 to speak with the rescue coordinator or 3 to talk with the shelter agent.

Devore Animal Shelter
19777 Shelter Way
San Bernardino, CA 92407

Meet Layla (mother-to-be) and Milo (conceivably the puppy-daddy)

You had us at “mush.” Just look at these blue-eyed beauty Husky couple. We don’t know much more except that Layla is about to give birth. Both dogs were owner-surrendered.

Milo #A793480 — available for general adoption

Layla #A793481 — to rescuer only

Layla is “fear-biting.” She’s pregnant. She’s been dumped by her human. This means that Layla may only be taken by a rescuer.

To meet Milo and Layla call (909) 386-9820. Press 2 for Devore Shelter, then press 1 to speak with the rescue coordinator or 3 to speak with the shelter agent.

Devore Animal Shelter
19777 Shelter Way
San Bernardino, CA 92407

Meet Ronan #A792732

Found as a stray, this magnificent beast now has a nasty upper respiratory infection and is being treated with antibiotics.

• Canine male
• Breed: Siberian Husky
• Coloring: White face, chest, belly, legs, tail, deep gray/black mantle.
• Size: Large. Age: 2 years old
• Unneutered. Currently receiving antibiotics for sneezing.

To meet Ronan #A792732, call (909) 386-9820. Press 2 for Devore Shelter, then press 1 to speak with the rescue coordinator.

Devore Animal Shelter
19777 Shelter Way
San Bernardino, CA 92407

Meet Dax

• Male canine
• GSD/Great Dane? Mix
• Coloring: Black with white blaze. Age: 3 months old
• Size: TBD! (Will be a large dog). In fine health
• Playful, social with other dogs, crate-trained.
• His seven (!) siblings are also available for adoption!

To complete an application to adopt Dax, visit

Meet Usher #A793298

• Male feline DSH
• Classic gray tabby, yellow eyes
• Age: 2 years old
• He is currently receiving medication for wounds on his neck and ears. The vet has stapled the neck wound.
• Can be released with a medical waiver.

To meet Usher #A793298, call (909) 386-9820. Press 2 for Devore Shelter, then press 1 to speak with the rescue coordinator.

Devore Animal Shelter
19777 Shelter Way
San Bernardino, CA 92407

Meet Wilbur #A793585

• Male feline DSH
• Coloring: cream, with apricot face and ears, blue eyes
• Age: 3 years old
• Neutered
• In fine health
• Friendly

To meet Wilbur #A793585, call (909) 386-9820. Press 2 for Devore Shelter, then press 1 to speak with the rescue coordinator.

Devore Animal Shelter
19777 Shelter Way
San Bernardino, CA 92407


Thanks to Mallory Martin for heroically rescuing this beauty off the street and for kindly bringing him to our attention.

Mallory spotted this dog running through a crowded intersection earlier this month. She checked for a microchip, detected the chip and called the dog’s owners.

The owners of record refused to take their dog back.

Mallory says, “He is very high-energy, so I really recommend him for someone with an active lifestyle and if possible other dogs to help keep him busy and engaged. They would also need to be in a house with a fenced in yard — he can be a bit of an escape artist. He is partial to women but is okay with men too.” 

  • Male canine
  • Age: 8 – 9 months old
  • Breed: Siberian Husky (may be purebred)
  • Housebroken
  • Walks nicely on leash
  • Knows basic commands
  • Likes kids!
  • Likes other dogs!!
  • Likes people, especially women!!!
  • Okay, with cats but needs feline coaching
  • Coloring: Black and white, white face, dreamy blue eyes
  • Size: Large
  • Intact, but will be neutered soon
  • Current on rabies, bordetella and DAPP vaccines (12/29.23)
  • In fine health
  • Very high-energy! But well-behaved.
  • Needs yard with very tall fence

Husky-love is like no other. Remember that this animal has been bred for centuries to haul heavy loads across Arctic ice. The breed’s wolf-like appearance is thrilling, and many people purchase these dogs when they’re just adorable balls of floof.

Then the dog grows up into a powerfully strong beastie that can sail over a 6 -foot cinderblock wall or tunnel under it without batting a blue eye.

And, they get bored sitting in your apartment alone all day while you’re at work. So, bored Husky shreds the sofa.

Oh, and Huskies howl. Howling is the Husky equivalent of texting. They howl to ask questions of the pack, and to send messages to far-off friends.

Guess what happens next?

The shelters are full of Huskies. They don’t do well in confinement

And guess what happens next (again)?

All pets require commitment, whether it’s a guppy, puppy, parrot, or Persian pussycat. Arctic breeds in particular are not low-maintenance. If you’re ready for a high-octane, lifetime companion, Apollo is waiting. The rescuer is unable to keep this large dog in her apartment. Dog is currently in temporary foster. Contact [email protected].

Meet Abby

Thank you, Bonnie Barron, of Hope for Sweet Homes (626-483-6936) for bringing sweet Abby to us!

This gal has had a rough go of it, but she’s in her prime and is very well-socialized with humans and other dogs.

Bonnie says: “This sweet, beautiful girl was a favorite with shelter volunteers. She is an easy-going, medium-energy girl who walks well on a leash. This love bug just wants to be close to you, snuggling and giving kisses.”

  • Female canine
  • Breed: Pit-mix
  • House-trained
  • Coloring: Smooth coat, graphite gray with white blaze and diadem
  • Age: 3 years old
  • Size: 57 lbs.
  • In good health, currently recovering from spay surgery
  • Great kisser!
  • Medium energy
  • Current on vaccines, and she’s microchipped
  • Friendly with dogs her size
  • Foster will be supplied with vet care and supplies

To meet Abby, call/text 626-483-6936, email [email protected].

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