It’s Raining Rescue Cats and Dogs this Week

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Hungry dog with sad eyes is waiting for feeding at home. Cute labrador retriever is holding dog bowl in his mouth.

Here are a few of our favorite critters in search of homes. As always, thanks for your help.

Kit and Kat are not cats

They are an inseparably bonded pair of female canine siblings in need of a foster or permanent home ASAP. The rescue agency will provide medical care, dog supplies and food. These two dog-sisters were abandoned by a backyard breeder in San Bernardino, locked together in a small, single crate, and left for dead for an unknown number of days without food, water, or blankets. Remarkably, they not only survived but are thriving. Must be fostered and adopted together. To meet the girls, please text rescue at 951-386-8076.

Thank you to Maria Juarez for this urgent notice.

  • Female dogs, must be adopted as pair
  • Pocket-Pit breed
  • Age: TBD
  • Spayed. Used as breeders, but recovering and in good health
  • Leash-trained, easy, mellow personalities

Thank you to Kevin McManus, Pasadena Humane, for this listing:

Meet All-Around Fun Dude, Chet #A511902

Chet is the life of the party wherever he goes! He knows how to work the room. Chet basks in attention from adults, kids, and other dogs. He is happiest when someone is petting him, brushing his luxurious coat, or, if you’re a dog, playing with him. He wants to play with nearly every dog he sees! He’s working on training cues with the volunteers at Pasadena Humane. He’s not particularly treat-motivated, but he hasn’t found a toy that he doesn’t love, and he’ll go through all his tricks until you give it to him. Chet is energetic, so having another large dog for him to play with would be nice. He has bonded quickly with some of the dogs he’s spent time with while out on field trips.

  • Male Husky
  • Extroverted, active
  • Classic black/gray/white markings with white mask, electric-blue eyes
  • Age: Two years (approximate)
  • Housebroken
  • Plays well with others, human and canine

Adoption fee of $150 includes neutering, microchipping, and age-appropriate vaccines. New adopters will receive a complimentary health-and-wellness exam from VCA Animal Hospitals, as well as a goody bag filled with information about how to care for your pet.

Cats in trouble!

Bae #A791142, Hayoon #A791143 – (909) 386-9820 – Press 2 for Devore Shelter, then press 3 to speak with a shelter agent. Folks, it just doesn’t get much more urgent than this.

Here’s what we know:

  • Two stray cats. Traumatized. Need medical care.
  • BAE #A791142 , in kennel D C644, will only be released to a rescue. Cat is “aggressive.” Large size. Sneezing, with nasal discharge. Receiving Amoxi 50mg BID for respiratory infection.
  • Long-haired, gray, white and black
  • Genders: Unknown
  • Ages: Unknown

Rescued from the street on January 2, 2024, now at Devore Animal Shelter, 19777 Shelter Way, San Bernardino.

My Fair Lady, #A5594830, Downey Shelter

Tick-tock. Thank you for this urgent listing, Isabel Bobby Dean. Contact: [email protected]. Per last week’s post, many animals in this already-crowded shelter are quickly being euthanized to make space for more than 100 abused animals seized from Compton’s “Tarzan of the Hood” since the seized animals are being held and examined, as evidenced in the criminal case. This senior dog was surrendered by her human after 8 years because of a landlord dispute. Lady urgently needs a partnered rescue and a foster who’s experienced with big breeds because she’s now past her grace period at the shelter. She is so stressed that she nipped a staff member, so she’s under evaluation and isn’t being seen or visited. This reduces her already slim chances of surviving as we go to press.

  • Female GSD German Shepherd
  • Spayed
  • 63 lbs.
  • Medium-energy
  • Senior, age: 8-9 years (approximate)
  • In fine health
  • Accepts humans and other large dogs
  • Gentle disposition, but disoriented and highly stressed by kennel noise
  • Trained to take commands

Twenty+ dogs abandoned

Thank you, Brianna Ramirez, for this shocking and crucial listing. More than 20 dogs were abandoned by a self-described “rescue” group. Currently boarded but short-listed for euthanasia. Some are trained. All are in stable health and need immediate intervention. We’ve only shared a few of the photos here. To foster, adopt, or donate toward food and board:

SGV Kennel Pup Eviction Rescue Team


What a bromance! Aiden #A512841 and Ethan #A512841

Thank you, LeeAnn Nicholl and Quinn Ashly, for this heroic rescue and for sharing this important and urgent posting. These beautiful, 1 – 2-year-old male Jindo breed dogs are brothers, presently at Pasadena Humane and ready to be adopted. Contact (626) 792-1751 or [email protected]. Jindo dogs are a medium-sized Spitz breed of South Korean origin, originally bred as hunters. Jindos have a very strong prey drive and need attentive training. As guard dogs and watchdogs, they are typically loyal and protective but are curious by nature and need lots of exercise. Their intelligence and high energy make them natural escape artists, and they’re expert jumpers. This pair was rescued as abandoned strays by rescue organization @puppybreath_, and their rescuer describes them as in need of training and exercise but friendly, playful, and good with other dogs. Quinn says, “They are incredibly gentle and sweet, slow to warm up, but when they do, it’s all snuggles. They would be great friends to anyone.” Both dogs have been neutered and vaccinated. They’d love to stay together, but they are okay with being separated (sniff!) for foster/adoption.

View their details here:

Meet the sweet Ms. Kitty

Thank you, Andrea, for sharing news about these lovely feline friends. This beautiful young cat was rescued as a stray and is now in foster care, ready for adoption. Contact [email protected]or text 562-732-8197 to meet Miss Kitty.

  • Female feline, DSH
  • Age unknown (1-2 years, approximate)
  • Spayed, microchipped, has had basic vaccines. Left ear has been tipped.
  • In fine health
  • Gentle, playful, accepts kids and other cats
  • Black and white: black ears, saddle and tail, white whiskers, muzzle, chest and dainty white paws, innocent yellow eyes, candy-pink nose.

We’re crushing on Christian Grey

Christian Grey is a charcoal velvet lover-boy with wise amber eyes. Barely more than a kitten, plucked from the mean streets, now in foster care and waiting to become lord of (your) manor. Contact [email protected],or text 562-732-8197 to meet Mr. Grey.

  • Male feline, DSH
  • Age: 8 months (approximate)
  • Breed unknown, solid-pewter coloring similar to Russian Blue
  • Golden eyes, with faint graphite “M” markings
  • In fine health
  • Has been neutered, microchipped, and given basic vaccines
  • Likes other cats, okay with calm-natured dogs

A+ Student: Cole!

Thank you to Victoria Smith for this urgent listing. This handsome hunka hound just completed three months of obedience training where he earned an A+ grade. His rescuers recommend that he’ll do best with a structured schedule, paired with an organized human who loves regular routine. A great, peppy buddy for rigorous hikes, vigorous workouts, and other red-blooded adventures. To meet Cole, email [email protected].

  • Male Corso or Cane Corso / Pit-Lab mix?
  • Short black coat with white blaze, heart-melting brown eyes
  • In fine health
  • No cats, please. May be good with fellow canines
  • Works well with men, and loves women!

Big, Beautiful Baby Boy Bruno

Thank you to Girls Who Love Dogs Rescue, [email protected], 310-736-8639, who pulled Bruno off death row in December. Neglected, abandoned, rescued, and now ready to begin the good life in a loving home. Today, his nature is goofy and cuddly.

  • Male canine, Pitty mix
  • Age: 16 months
  • Big baby boy! 63 lbs.
  • In fine health
  • Neutered, current on vaccinations
  • Housebroken, does not mark indoors
  • Crate-trained
  • No food-aggression. Does not resource-guard.
  • Allows other dogs to play with his toys
  • Knows many commands (sit, paw, stay, wait, out)
  • Love car-rides
  • Needs more leash-training

To meet Bruno, contact [email protected], 310-736-8639

Beckham Behind Bars!

Beckham #A789526, contact

Very little is known about this male black and white Pit Bull Terrier. He’s been sitting alone, quietly, in his kennel since December 5, 2023. He gets very few visitors, but the sight of a human sets Beckham’s tail to thumping. The shelter staff estimate Beckham’s age at around 2 years, 6 months.

Pepper Makes a Splash!

Thank you, Ella Hovsepian, for bringing Pepper to our attention. This gorgeous, friendly senior girl was abandoned by former owners when they moved. That was more than three and a half YEARS ago, and she’s been at an all-outdoor (yes, outdoors year-round…) shelter (let THAT sink in…) ever since. She likes people, kids, and other dogs, especially young dude dogs. She’s even cool with meeting strangers, non-aggressive. Loves to splash in water! But the kennel is stressing her out. It’s been so long. Text 909-800-1836 to meet Pepper.

  • Black Lab/Pointer
  • Spayed female, microchipped
  • Age: 6.5 years (approximate)
  • Potty-trained, knows many commands

You’ll Not See Nothing Like The Mighty Quinn #A791618

Quinn is waiting for her human at Devore Animal Shelter, San Bernardino, 909-386-9820, press 2 for Devore Shelter, then press 3 to speak with a shelter agent. We know so little about her, except that she’s still a little girl, very pretty, in need of a safe and loving family. Devore Animal Shelter, 19777 Shelter Way, San Bernardino.

  • Feline DSH
  • Female; spay status unknown
  • Age: 9 months (approximate)
  • In fine health. Clean ears!
  • Golden-amber striped tabby with brindle-stippled coat, soft Bengal-like spots on tummy, jade-green eyes

If you have an animal in need of fostering or adoption, email information to: [email protected]

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