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A bear that is sitting on a rock

Thank you to all of our readers and local rescuers who make this column possible. If you have an animal in need of fostering or adoption, please complete the submission form at the top of this post. Please remember that we need your contact information to help your animal. If you’re an individual with an animal you want to be included in this column, we require an email address or Instagram handle in order to post your item. If you’re a rescue, we can also publish your phone number.

As you undoubtedly know by now, we are realists. But without being the least bit saccharine, human beings do rise to the occasion from time to time and for this we are grateful.

Someone who always rises to the occasion is Pasadena’s lion-hearted wildlife rescuer and rehabber Cleo Watts @cleoscrittercare, who shares this important seasonal alert: “If you have noticed an increase in skunk roadkill, it is mating season and male skunks are looking for love. Pepé Le Pew will NOT back down against an approaching vehicle. He will stop and stomp as a warning, which often proves to be fatal. Skunks also have poor eyesight. If safe to do so, please slow down and let the skunk cross, then proceed.”

Possums are also out in abundance. This marsupial mother is especially at risk because she carries her several growing babies on her back, making her slow and unwieldy on the road.

As we navigate the latest winter storms, here’s a sunshiney drop of welcome good news: Kiki/Sunshine #A792702, the beautiful marmalade girl we profiled last week, has been adopted from the Devore Shelter. This cat was confiscated when her human was arrested, and a respiratory bug (common in shelters) complicated her release. She’s safe now and hopefully forever.


So here’s the thing. Because shelters are critically overcrowded, animals that either arrive sick or get ill in captivity (as most do) are often euthanized very quickly. Case in point: Grizzly #A793196, a sweet Husky puppy, was not showing any signs of being sick when he was admitted to San Bernardino’s Devore Animal Shelter on February 9th. But now he’s got what a friend so aptly calls the “Hershey squirts” (diarrhea), and this means that this dog is in trouble. He’s available for foster or adoption with a medical waiver.
• Male canine
• Age: 8 months old (approx.)
• Breed: Husky mix
• Coloring: Tan and white
• Size: Medium
• Temperament: Mellow
• Health overall is good. Currently experiencing diarrhea, which is being treated in the shelter with Metronidazole.
• Eligible for adoption now, with medical waiver

To inquire about Grizzly, call (909) 386-9820. Press 2 for Devore Shelter, then press 3 to speak with a shelter agent.

Devore Animal Shelter
19777 Shelter Way
San Bernardino, CA 92407


Thank you, Sydney, for kindly bringing this adorable girl to our attention!

Sydney found this beautiful GSD mix dog wandering around Arcadia during the Super Bowl. No tag. A vet visit revealed no microchip. Sydney already has three pets and needs to find a perfect forever home for this young lady.

• Canine female
• Breed: GSD mix
• Age: 5 – 6 months old (approx.)
• Size: 45- 50 lbs.
• In fine health
• Housebroken
• She knows the “sit” command, needs further training
• Sweet, cuddly attitude – well-socialized
• Gets along with kids, other dogs, and humans

To arrange a meeting with Sweet Girl, email [email protected]

Rescue Amelia #A793344 and Babies

Speaking of baby season, there’s no doubt that love is in the air. As we go to press, Amelia, a very pregnant cat, awaits her uncertain destiny and an uncertain fate for her kittens, who may have arrived by the time you read this.

• Female feline, DHS
• Black and white markings, with “Phantom of the Opera” mask
• Age: 1.5 years
• Unspayed
• Pregnant! Requires late-stage pregnancy medical waiver for release and is only available to rescuers
• She also has a respiratory bug, requiring an additional medical waiver for her release.

To inquire about Amelia, call (909) 386-9820. Press 2 for Devore Shelter, then press 1 to speak with the rescue coordinator.

Devore Animal Shelter
19777 Shelter Way
San Bernardino, CA 92407

Who Took a Bite Outta BayMax #A793197?

There are some things we can’t un-see – like the face of a tiny kitten that was evidently munched by a much larger predator or injured in some other way. This gingersnap needs a devoted foster or adopter now to bring him to full recovery.

This little redhead arrived at the Devore Shelter with trauma to his head. At intake, the left side of his head was severely abscessed, requiring lancing, draining, tape-suture, and antibiotics, which are currently being administered at the shelter. This is an instance where admission to a crowded, high-kill facility may actually have saved this young cat’s life IF you swoop in and get him now.

• Feline male (DSH)
• Age: 3 months
• Unneutered
• Coloring: ginger tabby
• Recovering from severe head injury. Taking antibiotics.
• May be fostered or adopted with a medical waiver

To inquire about Baymax #A793197, call (909) 386-9820. Press 2 for Devore Shelter, then press 3 to speak with the shelter agent.

Devore Animal Shelter
19777 Shelter Way
San Bernardino, CA 92407


Thank you, Miss Auriana, for sharing Sage with our readers.

This beautiful, healthy, well-mannered young dog needs a home where he has room to run and play and plenty of attentive humans to love up.

Auriana says: “He’s a one-year-old German Shepherd-Boxer mix. He is fully vaccinated. He’s also very goofy, playful, fun, and loving. He’s leash-trained, crate-trained and food-motivated, a perfect family dog, great with babies, and very gentle with people. He’s also great with other pets, loves to give hugs and is a sweet boy with anxiety. He needs someone with a more open schedule and more space, preferably a yard to run around in and someone who can also provide mental stimulation and work since he is a German Shepherd-Boxer mix. I’d also like to do a meet and greet with any pets or children before re-homing as well to ensure everyone is comfortable.”

To arrange a meeting, Instagram Sage (and his human) @sage_thegs or email [email protected].

Meet Mr. Marigold

Thank you, Meagan, for sharing this wonderful feline’s story.

Yes, we admit it: we’re weak in the knees for gingers. This guy is a soft, stripey apricot shade, a perfectly cozy companion for a rainy night. His human recently passed away, so he’s been feeling a bit shy, but now he’s ready for a permanent loving home.

• Feline male DSH
• Coloring: pastel ginger tabby, no blaze
• Green eyes
• Age: 3 years (approx.)
• In fine health, neutered, current on vaccines, microchipped.
• Loves to be petted

To meet this beautiful ginger man, email [email protected].

Meet Pippa and Chely

Thanks to our friend, Darlene P., for bringing us the story of these elegant ebony sisters. And thanks to www.lifelineforpets.org for your untiring dedication to helping animals.

In brief:

• Two adult feline female sisters, DSH
• Bonded sibling pair
• Color: Midnight-hour Black, two years old
• Spayed, current on vaccines, in fine health.
• Gentle and accepting of other cats and even dogs.

Darlene says: “Aren’t they gorgeous? Pippa and Chely are a bonded pair of Bombay sisters, age two. They are very shy, but oh soooo sweet! Pippa is actually the more outgoing and is a talented cuddler. Chely is more of an introvert, but once she warms up, she’s so lovable! Both girls love to play and get along with other cats and even dogs. They are neutered, vaccinated, and dewormed. They are in a foster home but cannot stay much longer. They’ve been waiting for months! It seems as if people only want cute kittens, but won’t you please take these girls home and see them thrive? Yes, they will hide at first and need extra patience and sweet talk and treats, but what a wonder-‘fur’ gift of love to see them blossom and finally ask for pets and give you head bumps! Their foster mom will provide plenty of advice and tips for working with them.”

Apply: https://www.lifelineforpets.org/pippa–chely.html.

Meet Cookie

Thank you, Marcela, for bringing gentle Cookie to our readers’ attention.

Senior cats, like those of us facing our own chronological sunset, bring with them special joys. Wisdom. Experience. Less drama. Excellent mattress-tester. Cookie is an elderly female kitty who just lost her human companion, and she is available as a calm companion for a quiet, nurturing home.

Marcela, her foster, says, “She is a sweet and shy Calico. She has no teeth, but she enjoys eating soft foods and kitten kibble. She’s very affectionate once comfortable, good with older cats, and loves taking naps anywhere she can loaf. Not much is known about her history except that her previous caregiver was put into a retirement home and that her right iris has atrophied.”

To visit Cookie, email [email protected], @unctrled

Yo, Vin #A512800

Thank you, Kevin McManus, for bringing these fine dogs to our attention! Both dogs are at Pasadena Humane.

He’s one of the boys and has been observed sharing and trading toys with new canine friends. Everyone Vin meets becomes his new BFF!

• Canine male
• Breed: Lab/Husky mix
• Coloring: white
• Age: 1 year, in fine health
• Active, high-energy, but well-behaved
• Ideal hiking or walking companion
• Socializes well with other dogs his size; playful, not aggressive.

And here’s Lovely LUNA #A512379

Luna arrived at Pasadena Humane with four newborn puppies. The puppies have all found homes, so now it’s Mama Luna’s turn.

• Canine female
• Breed: GSD
• Coloring: Black
• Age: 2 years old
• Spayed, in fine health
• Housebroken, knows basic cues
• Loves belly rubs, likes eye contact while on walks
• She was so affectionate, called a “Velcro dog” by her foster
• Needs to be the only dog in your home

At Pasadena Humane, www.pasadenahumane.org, all dog adoptions include spaying or neutering, microchipping, and age-appropriate vaccines. The adoption fee for dogs is $150. Daily adoption appointments may be scheduled online. Visit on Sunday and Wednesday at 10:00 am for a new adoption appointment, or visit daily between 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm to adopt.

Pasadena Humane
(626) 792-7151
361 S. Raymond Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91105

Meet Frae

Thank you, Julia Ross, for bringing Frae to the conversation!

Julia writes: “Frae is a St. Bernard/Boxer with genetic testing to confirm. She’ll be two years old in May. White w/ brindle spots. 76 lbs. No known health conditions. Female, spayed. Up to date on vaccines. She’s very hyper but the sweetest. She’s been around my toddler her whole life, so she’s good with kids. She and my older dog have stopped getting along, and we can no longer manage the fighting. She’s crate-trained but has some (breakable) bad habits like jumping up on people, taking food off the counter, and digging.”

To meet Frae, email [email protected].

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