Many Know More about Area 51 than they do about PCC Area 2 Candidates

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In December, when long-time Pasadena City College Trustee James Osterling announced he would not be running for reelection, the PCC Area 2 seat went up for grabs. Two candidates, retired PCC professor James Aragon and taxpayer activist Kevin Strotz, filed to campaign for the position but neither decided to, well, campaign.

With actual ballots for the March 5th primary election now in hand, voters in PCC Area 2 could either make a largely uninformed choice between the two candidates or choose to vote for neither of ’em. The following post from Reddit illustrates the level of voter frustration.

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Local News Pasadena has tried for months to get either candidate to discuss their qualifications for and views about the trustee role. Neither responded to phone calls, texts or emails.

But there’s been a breakthrough.

This week, better late than never, candidate Aragon launched a campaign Web site at https://jamesaragonforpcc.com. The “Meet James Aragon” page outlines Aragon’s personal and professional background, and if you get excited about exclamation points there are many.

Now we’re looking forward to, perhaps, learning more about Kevin Strotz, who was reportedly endorsed for the Area 2 position by the outgoing Osterling.

Strotz serves as a representative for the bona fide taxpayers’ organization on the $565M Citizens Bond Oversight Committee for the Measure PCC construction bond.

C’mon, Kevin. Tell us about yourself. The game’s over soon!

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