‘The Conversation Live’ to Return without Top Cop Harris

He's the fifth Chief since 2010 but the first to bail on a TV interview.

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The Conversation Live announced its season seven premiere with Pasadena Police Chief Gene Harris as its guest.

According to James Farr, host of The Conversation Live, Chief Harris was scheduled to discuss his first 180 days in office, local crime trends and his future as the city’s “top cop” on live television.

Then a funny thing happened on the way to the interview.

Chief Harris bailed and the live chat about the Chief’s first 180 days on the job wasn’t aired.

In an email sent two hours after the scheduled interview time, Harris’s office said, “The chief’s schedule had to change this week, and he is unable to make the interview.”

OK, things happen. We’ve all had to be flexible about scheduled meetings, especially during the past several years of the COVID-19 pandemic. But a late cancellation without rescheduling the appearance is a real head scratcher.

“I gave him a deadline of one o’clock yesterday to let me know if he was gonna reschedule because I needed to put an announcement out if the show wasn’t gonna happen,” said Farr.

“I even extended that and messaged him what I was going to go with in the cancellation announcement. Still, I didn’t hear back from the Chief,” said Farr.

He’s the first guest I’ve ever had in 400 episodes, over seven years, that’s never shown up for an interview,” said Farr.

The big question is whether Harris will ever be ready for his close-up.

“The invitation is still there if he ever decides to show up,” offered Farr. “But you know, it could have been different.”

Harris is the fifth Chief of Police hired by The City of Pasadena since 2010.

The Conversation Live is a 10-episode series that follows current events and pertinent related issues through a “hyperlocal” lens.

Originating in Pasadena, the show’s interviews feature elected officials, subject-matter experts and thought leaders.

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The series regularly airs on Wednesday nights at 8 pm beginning on July 5, 2023, with 10 new episodes through the end of summer.

The show is presented live on The Arroyo Channel (Charter Spectrum 32, AT&T U-Verse 99).

The Conversation Live is also available on demand through Pasadena Media‘s Roku, Fire TV and Apple TV channels.

Episodes in season seven

  • Pasadena Police Dept ~ Chief Gene Harris
  • State of Pasadena ~ Mayor Victor Gordo
  • Pasadena Police Oversight ~ Raul Ibanez, Chair of Pasadena Community Police Oversight Commission
  • Rent (out of) Control ~ Ryan Bell, Chair of Pasadena Rental Housing Board
  • The State of PUSD ~ Michelle Bailey, President of PUSD Board of Education
  • Black Media ~ Dominique Diprima of KBLA
  • Message to the Grassroots: 10 Year Anniversary of Black Lives Matter ~ Dr. Melina Abdullah Black Lives Matter Grassroots
  • Back to School ~ Patrice Marshall, PUSD Board of Education member
  • This is College: Why Pasadena City College is the Best Option
  • 2024 Elections Preview ~ Sharon Kyle, Publisher of LA Progressive

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James Farr is an award-winning journalist, filmmaker and producer who has been covering the Pasadena area for over 15 years.

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Phil is the Associate Publisher of Local News Pasadena. He is a 35-year resident of the city and his favorite local delicacy is the Combo Grinder at Connal's.
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