Some of Our Readers Have Thoughts about Kevin McCarthy

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Kevin McCarthy wearing a suit and tie
Congressperson and former Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy. Photo: U.S. House of Representatives

We asked a sampling of local folks what they thought about the Speaker of the House situation. This is what flamed in.

The former Speaker wasn’t fit to serve in January, and he only debased himself further once in office.

From acting as chief enabler of the disgraced former president to violating the bipartisan budget agreement he made with President Biden, he was an untrustworthy negotiator and an unacceptable leader of the People’s House.

I will be voting for Hakeem Jeffries as Speaker, but ultimately it is the responsibility of the Republican majority to determine that position. Until they do, the House cannot conduct meaningful business, and the likelihood of a government shutdown next month increases with disastrous outcomes across the country.

As always, House Democrats and I call upon Republicans to reject extremism and work on a bipartisan basis to avert a shutdown, keep government services running, and deliver for the American people.

Congressperson Judy Chu

Kevin McCarthy was no friend to democracy.

He took his marching orders from a small coterie of members of congress, amplifying divisiveness and mean-spiritedness and show-casing the worst of American inclinations and impulses.

Under McCarthy we had a growth of an anti-education atmosphere. Shouting, angry people came to school board meetings to demand book removals from school libraries and when that was done, these people often moved on to city councils to strip the public libraries of books they deemed inappropriate.

The fierce, hot winds against DEI only made it more difficult for schools to successfully educate all students. DEI is a kindness, looking at each student and considering if the curriculum considers the student first and foremost.

When we do that, students excel in school. McCarthy did nothing to stop the few that are frightened of change, fearful of the future, and want to drag all of us back to an imagined time in history.”

PCC Trustee Tammy Silver

Under Kevin McCarthy’s speakership, the House of Representatives has lurched from crisis to crisis.

Simply put, Kevin McCarthy lacks the integrity, honesty and skill necessary to govern.

He voted to overturn the election.

He broke his word to the President on the budget deal.

He brought us to the brink of a shutdown.

We need a leader who has the ability to govern — McCarthy cannot.”

— Congressperson Adam Schiff

Kevin McCarthy’s removal as speaker of the House is another example of the dysfunction in Congress.

The voices of a few have stalled the legislative process amidst a budgetary crisis.

Now more than ever, we need new and positive leaders who will set aside the divisive rhetoric and get back to working for the American people.”

— Congressional candidate Ben Savage

I appreciate all that the former Speaker has accomplished for our country. His decades of experience have been invaluable as we have navigated unprecedented challenges during a tumultuous time.

In times of crisis, we need experienced leaders who can unite us, not tear us apart.

I urge my fellow Californians to elect leaders who will work together to solve the problems facing our state and nation while maintaining unwavering commitment to purpose.“

— California State Senate candidate Elizabeth Wong Ahlers

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