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Some of our readers pose excellent questions.

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Alejandro Rivas Jr. Source: Facebook

From Alejandro Rivas Jr. –

Why does this article fail to mention Jed Leano in the AD41 race?

Also, what kind of analysis is “race may come down to who can throw the better block party.”


Despite that, it’s good to see another local media source rise in Pasadena.

Some of our readers pose excellent questions.

Jed Leano simply didn’t come to our attention. He seems like a worthy candidate, so we added him to the story. As other worthy candidates emerge we’ll add them to the story, too.

The block party reference is about the HUGE Pasadena street parties that Chris Holden made famous during his time representing the 41st Assembly District.

Is Jed Leano known for throwing fun parties?

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