Get your ride detailed in your driveway for 20% off and sign-up for the Local News Pasadena Newsletter. What a deal!

Special Offer for Pasadena Chamber of Commerce Members.

Greetings, Pasadena Chamber member!

This offer is just for you.

Enter your name(s), your Email address and the code from the Pasadena Chamber’s Email blast to get a 20% discount from Osorto Mobile Detailing (the Official Automotive Detailer of the Pasadena Media Foundation) and a free sign-up for our Local News Pasadena Newsletter.

A woman smiling and posing for the camera
Sheryl Turner, Publisher

Carlos from Osorto Mobile Detailing will come to your Pasadena-area place of business or home driveway to professionally wash, wax and vacuum your chariot…and he brings everything he needs with him, including the water.

Because you are a Pasadena Chamber member, Osorto will discount the regular detailing price of $60 by 20%, so you’ll pay only $50 per auto. If you’ve priced other detailing services you know that’s a sweet deal.

Osorto Mobile Detailing accepts payment by check, cash or Zelle.

The newsletter sign-up is free, and you may cancel at any time. But if you do, you’ll miss our provocative local news coverage of Pasadena-area politics, arts, events, science, education, relationships and business.

We know you’ll love saving money with Osorto Mobile Detailing, and you’ll love the newsletter. And thanks for being a member of the Chamber!

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