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AS WE GO TO PRESS: Last week, we reported on a scandalous animal abuse case centered in Compton at Compton Rescue. This is an urgent opportunity for animal lovers to step up. As you may recall, an individual in Compton hoarded many animals. Law enforcement officers confiscated an array of 140 (neglected, injured, ill) live animals, and the remains of many dead animals as well.    The story is tragic, and it gets worse: Downey Animal Care Center has had to make space for the incoming animals that will be kept as evidence in the case. As a result, many adoptable animals will need to be euthanized or adopted to make room. 

This is an excellent time to save a life and adopt a loving family member. These cats need out now!

Fifteen loving, adoptable cats have been in the Downey facility for a year and are now listed for euthanasia. To meet the urgency of need, volunteers are available to coordinate the adoption and transport of the animal(s) of your choice to your home from Downey. For more information, email [email protected]. You can also reach the shelter directly at 562-940-6898, or email [email protected].

Now that the commotion of the holidays is behind us, we’re settling into the Southern California winter. For many of us, this is the season when we feel the vast emptiness of time.

The days are short, the nights are long and cold by our standards (remember that it’s 9 degrees F in Kansas City right now). If you’re experiencing the sensation of too much space, maybe it’s time for the warming trend of a quadruped friend and a pet’s unconditional love, especially as we approach Valentine’s Day.

Most of our recommendations this week are available at Pasadena Humane. And then there’s this: as we go to press, we count 9 German Shepherds and 10 Huskies at PasHumane, all ready to meet you. Large canine breeds often find themselves in the shelter because large breeds generally are high-energy and need training, space, and hard daily exercise. They’re ready when you are.

If you have an animal needing rescue, foster or adoption, email [email protected]

Gringo is great!

Thank you, Darlene Pappas, for sharing Gringo’s story:

  • Male feline, DSH
  • Age: 6 years
  • White fur with flame-point (marmalade) facial accents, jade eyes
  • Neutered, chipped, current on vaccines
  • In fine health
  • Likes other cats
  • Social, likes hugs

Darlene writes: “Gringo, age 6, is just about purr-fect: he sports a gorgeous flame point fur coat, exotic green eyes, and is cuddly and friendly with everyone—even other cats. Besides that, he’s healthy, vetted and microchipped. He would do best with someone who works from home to give him lots of cuddles and attention. A couple or single person would be ideal. A friendly resident cat would be nice, too. He’s been waiting soooo long for someone to adopt him—such a good boy. See more pictures and a cute video of Gringo at or use the QR code.”

Jeez Louise #511994!

Johnny Cash, the Man in Black, gave us “A Boy Name Sue.” And in that spirit, note that “Louise” is a dude and a handsome dude at that. On the small side, he’s a gorgeous guinea pig, waiting three months to find a new home.

Guinea Pigs thrive on a diet of fresh hay, which helps file down their rapidly growing teeth. Washed chopped kale and broccoli are also favorite foods. Root veggies and fruit are not typically part of their native diet, but small sections of carrot or apple are fine as occasional treats. Louise will need a good-sized habitat space with places to tunnel and snuggle.

  • Male Guinea Pig
  • Age: Two years
  • Calico coloring, striped like Neapolitan ice cream: black, rust and white
  • In fine health

Hello, Houdini! #A512999

Although the world’s most famous escape artist was indeed a man, this stunning green Iguana is a lady lizard. So what if her skin’s a little scaly? Check out that smile! This remarkable reptile species is indigenous to the rainforests of South and Central America. Still, these days, you’ll find them dropping from palm trees in Florida and Texas when the mercury dips below 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

In the wild, iguanas of this type can grow to a length of five to six feet and can weigh up to 20 lbs when fully mature. As a female, Houdini will likely remain at the more modest end of the spectrum. They are intelligent and social and require a large enclosure (minimally 4′ x 6′ x 6′) with very specific humidity, water, and heating requirements, outfitted with climbing perches for exercise and sheltered spaces for rest.

A shallow pond large enough for Houdini to sit in is needed since iguanas don’t drink water like mammals. Iguanas also enjoy gentle water-mistings with a spray bottle several times a day. This girl will require a basking area of 100F – 115F using a 75 to 100-watt bulb located 12 to 18 inches above a nice flat rock. Part of the habitat also needs to be kept cooler, around 80F to 85F degrees.

She’s vegan and needs fresh daily munches of finely chopped black mustard seed, collard greens, Romaine lettuce (never iceberg), and smaller portions of grated broccoli and minced kale. Lifespan may reach 25 years in captivity. To meet Houdini, visit

Sweet Pea #A512994

Sweet Pea got a close shave for a recent surgical procedure and right now is rocking the Cone of Shame. But this ginger-marmalade beastie is in fine form and ready to find a caring new home. Red cats are not a distinct breed, per se. But gingers often do seem to be the friendliest and most extroverted of cats. A popular opinion is that the Vikings loved these muscular, gregarious red cats whose coloring may have mirrored their own auburn warrior-tresses, and so they brought along these resilient russet rat-hunters aboard their Drakkars, dragon-ships, that traversed those stormy seas.

  • Male feline DSH
  • Age: 4 years
  • Has been neutered
  • Orange-ginger tabby with white lips and honey-amber eyes
  • In fine health, recovering from surgery
  • Big guy, large size

To meet Sweet Pea, visit

Silky-soft and Striped Samantha #A511946

In the world of pet adoptions, babies—kittens, puppies – often find new homes with comparative ease. We get it and want all creatures to have a safe and loving family. But adopting a healthy senior pet can be a really great experience. A senior’s energy is not as manic, and mature pets are often affectionate and calm. In Hebrew, “Samantha” means “listens well,” and this green-eyed lady is listening for your call.

  • Female feline DSH
  • Age: 8 years
  • Brown brindle tabby, white blaze, white front toes, jade-green eyes
  • In fine health
  • Has been spayed

Sebastian #A512881 and Gram #A512906

…are two other senior felines at Pasadena Humane who are ready for a new home.

Silvery-sleek Sebastian looks peeved and sad because he’s a chill, dapper older guy in a culture that worships youth. Welcome to Los Angeles, dude.

  • Male feline DSH
  • Small size
  • Age: 13 years
  • In good senior health
  • Described as Lynx Point Siamese, with pewter tabby stripes on face and front legs
  • Has been neutered

To visit Sebastian, click

Gorgeous Gram #A512906is intently looking for her humans. Where did they go? A mature cat like Gram typically has few demands other than an occasional rub-down, a snack, and a warm place to nap. We can relate.

  • Female feline DSH
  • Calico, white/peach/gray tricolor, deep green eyes
  • Age: 15 years
  • Medium size
  • Has been spayed
  • In good senior health

To meet Gram, visit

Ahhhh, Ozzy!

Beautiful Belgian Malinois baby girl. She is on the small side now but may grow to 60 lbs when fully mature. This dynamic and intelligent breed has herding instincts in her DNA and requires knowledge and commitment. Malinois may be obsessive diggers who love to bury and hide their toys. Without competent training, they may experience separation anxiety and nervousness, manifesting in running away, ignoring commands, snatching food, and pulling on the leash like they’re in the Iditarod. This loyal breed tends to be independent but loves to learn a routine to please her humans. She’ll need a lot of attention, energy and exercise. And because she’s still a very young puppy, you’ll have every opportunity to coach her into becoming an excellent companion animal.

  • Female canine, Belgian Malinois
  • Has been spayed
  • In fine health
  • Small, and growing
  • Age: 7 months
  • Smooth, short, slick coat
  • Classic mahogany coloration with dark, Belgian chocolate-colored mask and ears

To meet Miss Ozzy, visit

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