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Pasadena Humane is celebrating Heart Health Month with an adoption promotion highlighting the health benefits of pet ownership. In honor of Valentine’s Day, adoption fees for all dogs and cats over six months old will be reduced to $14 from February 8 – 18, 2024. Also, mark your calendars (preferably a Cleo Watts calendar — see the story!) for the annual Wiggle Waggle Walk & Run at Brookside Park at the Rose Bowl on Sunday, April 21.

8:00 a.m. Registration begins; Vendor Fair and Agility Course open
9:00 a.m. Walk & Run begins
10:00 a.m. Deadline to register your dog for the costume contest
11:00 a.m. The event concludes, and the vendor fair and agility course closes 

In addition to the Walk & Run course, you and your pup can stroll through the Vendor Fair, play in the Agility Course, enjoy tasty food truck treats and participate in the paw-some doggy costume contest! 

In the bleak midwinter weather, a few sparks of hope

As the rain falls, we begin this week’s segment with a huge shout-out of gratitude to Suzanne Verrault of Altadena. It’s not exactly a Disney happy ending, but it’s a really super-happy ending for a year-old white Jindo dog recently adopted by Suzanne.

Some of you already know the story. Two white male Jindo brothers were dumped in the desert. Our community moved heaven and earth to save them, and the brothers landed at Pasadena Humane, where they bore the names Ethan and Aiden.

To cut to the chase, the bonded siblings were separated, and while rescuers were feverishly trying to secure a note of permission from a landlord, Ethan was euthanized.

The official word is that Ethan displayed aggression, leading to the sibling’s separation. Ethan became depressed and withdrew, and his life ended there.

The bottom line: shelters and their processes are not the problem. People who neglect and abandon their animals are the problem. Shelters are the last link in the chain where it all goes down. It’s easy to blame the shelters, and the bureaucracy can indeed be maddening. But we need to ask ourselves why are the shelters overflowing with discarded animals in the first place? The answer is often the failure to neuter or spay and not realizing the scope of commitment required to be a responsible human companion to your pet. People, as well as their pets, need training!

“I would have adopted them both if I had responded a little faster,” says Suzanne. She has renamed Aiden “Baby” because he is like a puppy-son to Selah, her 8-year-old white female Huskie she also adopted from Pasadena Humane.

“It was meant to be. They bonded in five minutes. Selah lost her buddy a year ago, and I told her I’d bring her a baby. He’s already feeling secure, going in and out the doggie door. And now they lay together.”

Although we all wish that the outcome for these Jindo brothers had been different, we are grateful that Baby is safe and loved at last. We wish the same for all sentient beings.

An Urgent Request From a Local Rescuer

Pasadena rescuer Bonnie Barron writes, “Rescues are really having a tough time finding dog-loving people willing to commit to fostering a dog. I’ve had a local dog rescue for 15 years and have never seen it this dire! I have many wonderful adoptable dogs of different breed mixes that just need to get into a foster home to get the exposure needed to find a forever home. All supplies are provided, as well as vet care. Every one of these dogs has been vetted and assessed by my trainer. If you can help, please contact me at 626-483-6936 or [email protected]. Thank you for your support!”

Thank YOU, BB, for fighting the good fight. Here are just a few of the fine-looking canines under Bonnie’s care.

Bud’s no Martian

He’s a man’s (or woman’s) best friend, but he’s looking for a smart, strong, loving leader. This beautiful dog needs a new life with someone experienced with large herding breeds. Bud is a rescue but still acts like a puppy because he has not been socialized or trained.

  • Male canine
  • Breed TBD: working collie/GSD mix
  • Size: Large, 80 lbs.
  • Age: 4 years (approximately); Tricolor mix, with adorable gingersnap eyebrows
  • Neutered, healthy, in fine health; Current on vaccines, medical records available.
  • Very, very loyal, loves to please his human, and is good with kids and small dogs.
  • He shows herding and working dog traits and needs appropriate mental and physical exercise. It has big boy energy- and lots of it! Loves catch, tug-of-war, learning new tricks, walking, and running.
  • Completely house-trained and crate-trained. Does NOT dig under walls or climb/jump fences.
  • Does not chew habitually. Knows key commands: sit, lie down, handshake, stay, leave it, take it, right hand, left hand, up, and wait.
  • Intelligent and wants to learn!

If you’re nodding your head, then Bud may be a good match for you.

Long story short, Bud is safe for now but needs to be to get out of his current situation. We’re posting this through a concerned third party helping Bud’s current (too-busy, overwhelmed, inexperienced) human.

The goal is to keep Bud out of any shelter and match him with a robust individual or family who understands him. The reason is that his unsocialized condition means he may not “show” well in a cage. Dogs are never themselves when incarcerated and separated from any familiar comforts. Reference our earlier story of Ethan and Aiden, bonded brothers who adored each other, as a cautionary “tail.” The stress of captivity might make him snappish or depressed, and he won’t appeal to potential adopters in that condition. And we all know how that sad song ends.

Dustin, who knows big breeds, has three of his own, and is in communication with a herding breed trainer who is helping Bud remotely, says this:

“Bud is a quick study, very trainable, and learns fast. He’s quick to improve with guidance from an experienced herding dog trainer. He shows improvement right away! His breed has specific needs. He’s very good-natured and needs to be shown what is expected of him. He’s just waiting for someone to tell him what to do.”

Bud is in Ventura, but transport can be arranged. Please get in touch with Dustin to meet Bud: email [email protected].

Calico Companion – Meet Selma!

• Female feline DSH
• Calico
• Spayed
• Socialized, affectionate, and clearly a former pet. Loves to be touched and brushed
• Lap-friendly. In excellent mid-life health

From the rescue Lifeline for Pets:

“This absolute sweetheart found her way to us after being condemned to die at Southeast Area Animal Control Authority (SEAACA). But that wasn’t Selma’s first brush with death. Selma ended up at SEAACA after someone locked her in a carrier and discarded her next to a dumpster in Downey. We can’t imagine what circumstances drove someone to abandon this cat in this manner, but we can say, based on her microchip information and her disposition, that her name is Selma. She is a beautiful calico, nine years old and previously spayed, and once upon a time, she was deeply loved. She is a total LOVE! She’s very cuddly and playful and loves to be brushed. She’ll come right up to you and tell you about her day! If you have room in your heart and on your lap for this adorable middle-aged gal, please complete the application. She would be grateful for another chance. Born 2014. See more at or use the QR code.”

Warm Cinnabon Yum Yum Love – Meet Bruno!

Thank you, Victoria Smith, for bringing Bruno to our attention. Victoria says:

“Bruno is a ray of light. He is a 1.5-year-old, neutered, big ole cuddly love bug. Bruno is soulful and silly. He is housebroken and crate-trained. He is dog- and people-friendly and ignores cats. A forever home would be nicest, but he will settle for a loving, committed foster until he is adopted. Would you like to meet him? Bruno was an employee favorite and euthanasia-listed at Downey Animal Shelter. He was saved by Girls Who Love Dogs Rescue. To meet Bruno, call (310) 736-8639. Please visit Instagram for links to fill out foster or adoption applications.”

  • Male canine
  • Breed unknown: Pit mix, possibly Ridgeback?
  • Coloring: Yummy cinnamon
  • Weight: 65 lbs.
  • Age:1.5 years

Good Golly, Miss Molly! Meet LOLLY

Thank you, Cynthia Wiese, for sharing Lolly’s situation with us. Lolly is a senior dog who has just lost her human and is ready to devote herself to someone who cares.

Cynthia writes:

” We are trying to find a new forever home for sweet Lolly. Lolly was adopted by my friend Susan, who was confined to a wheelchair. Susan has had several dogs throughout her life. Susan adopted Lolly from the Pasadena Humane Society approximately ten years ago. Last month, Susan’s health deteriorated, and she passed peacefully with her friends and family at her side. I agreed to help Lolly find a home. I wish I could keep Lolly, but I have three Yorkies who are terrified of big dogs.

“Lolly has been a devoted pet and companion and deserves a loving home for the rest of her years. She has a sweet/calm demeanor around adults and prefers to be the only dog in the home. Lolly is the perfect lady on walks and loves to cuddle. Even though PHS says she’s 15, she does not act her age. She still has a good amount of energy. Lolly is underweight, but her appetite is slowly coming back. She also has arthritis in her back legs but doesn’t let it stop her.”

To meet Lolly, please email Cynthia at [email protected].

Behind Blue Eyes – Meet Rock-star Ramsey!

Eric Wee rescued Ramsey from a Los Angeles shelter on December 27, the day this striking blue-eyed dog was scheduled for euthanasia. Now that this foster family has loved and cared for Ramsey, he’s ready for a permanent home. He appears to have the classic West German Shepherd markings and body type and a classic German Shepherd gait. He is a beautiful, regal dog. With his blue eyes we think he is a Siberian mix but his coloring and markings is pure German Shepherd. A happy match for this beautiful dog requires a human who knows big breeds and can give Ramsey focused attention.

  • Male canine
  • Breed: GSD, possible Siberian mix?
  • Coloring: Classic West German markings; BABY BLUE EYES!
  • Size: Large; Age: 2 years (approximate)
  • Neutered, fully-vaccinated. In fine health.
  • No excessive barking. Plays well with other dogs.
  • High energy could benefit from training. Need exercise space.
  • Affectionate. Knows the “sit” command.

To meet Ramsey, email [email protected]. You can see a video of Ramsey on YouTube.

Doggone! Meet Davey and Dexter!

Thank you, Maria Juarez, for bringing this case to our attention.

We realize the photo’s not great (extracted from a phone video), but these guys deserve a second look. Davey and Dexter are sibling puppies taken from an animal hoarder. They have never had a home and are available for foster or adoption. Their temperament is calm, but they love kicking up their heels in the yard! Davey and Dexter are currently at Moreno Valley Shelter. Their fostering will be through a rescue that provides their food, dog supplies, vet care and neutering.

  • Male canines (sibling pair)
  • Age: 4-5 months
  • Breed: GSD mix
  • Coloring: dark gray, cinnamon
  • In good health; playful but not aggressive.
  • Bonded, would love to stay together.
  • Urgent action is needed. The shelter is overcrowded, and their five siblings were euthanized for space.

To foster, text 951-386-8076. To adopt, call 951-413-3790 or go to @MORENO_VALLEY_SHELTER_ANIMALS

Davey #A531111, Dexter #A531118

Moreno Valley Animal Shelter
14041 Elsworth Street
Closed Sunday, Monday and city holidays.

Also at Moreno Valley Animal Shelter – Meet Thor

This two-year-old male Mastiff/Labrador mix is extremely stressed and needs immediate foster and rescue. Thor’s kennel is too small for him, but no larger kennel is available at the shelter. To foster, text 951-386-8076. To adopt, call 951-413-3790 or go to @MORENO_VALLEY_SHELTER_ANIMALS, Thor #A531025

  • Male canine
  • Breed: Mastiff/Lab mix
  • Age: 2 years (approx)
  • Coloring: Black
  • Size: Large
  • In fine health. Leash-trained. Good with people and other dogs

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! Meet Delilah!

Thank you, Kevin McManus, for bringing us the story of Delilah.

“Delilah may weigh 60 pounds, but she thinks she’s still a lap dog! Her foster family reports that she is so much fun! She’s a fantastic snuggler. That seems to be her favorite thing to do. She’s also an avid hiker. She loves getting out and exploring the world.”

  • Female canine
  • Breed: GSD mix
  • Age: 2 years
  • Coloring: Classic black, nutmeg, cream markings
  • Soulful eyes. OK, with cats. Great with people. Social and cuddly.
  • Spayed, current on vaccinations. In fine health.
  • Fast learner, people-pleaser

Visit for more details and to meet Delilah #A511351.

Pasadena Humane
361 S. Raymond Ave
Pasadena, CA 91105

Critter Calendar and Fundraiser

Even as we take action to find homes for the current plethora of domesticated animals in need, it’s almost baby season. We spoke to Pasadena-based wildlife rescuer Cleo Watts. Anyone who’s spent time around our community’s and other posting platforms knows Cleo’s name. She’s beloved for her skill, patience, and tireless generosity in caring for critters, including skunks, possums, raccoons and squirrels.

Cleo’s also a talented photographer and has just printed a 2024 calendar using her original photos to support her non-profit 501c(3), Cleo’s Critter Care at, IRS # 93-2123515. Here’s a sneak preview of a few of her remarkable photos which appear in the calendar. The calendar is priced at $20, so get yours while they last by emailing Cleo at [email protected]. Also, mark your calendars for Cleo’s first fundraiser on March 10.

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Victoria Thomas

Victoria has been a journalist since her college years when she wrote for Rolling Stone and CREEM. Victoria describes the view of Mt. Wilson from her front step as “staggering,” and she is a defender of peacocks everywhere.
Email: [email protected]

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