Hey Cats and Kittens, it’s June

Before the dog days of summer get started, consider cats.

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A close up of a cat

This week’s Animal House is brought to you by no-kill Pasadena cat rescue Lifeline for Pets.

MEET REMY, Gray Male Shorthair, Age Two

A close up of a cat
Remy deserves a second chance. Photo: LifelineForPets

Are you in search of a furry friend who embodies resilience and charm? Look no further! Allow us to introduce you to Remy, a dashing young feline with a heartwarming story and a whole lot of love to give.

Despite facing life’s challenges head-on, Remy’s spirit remains unbroken. This handsome lad found himself in a precarious situation, battling a life-threatening urinary blockage. However, thanks to the timely intervention of compassionate souls, Remy received the emergency care he desperately needed.

Today, he stands tall and proud, a testament to the power of second chances and the unwavering support of kindhearted individuals. 

Now, Remy is ready to embark on the next chapter of his journey—a journey filled with love, companionship, and endless cuddles. While he may require a special prescription diet to safeguard his health and well-being, his gratitude knows no bounds, and his affection knows no limits.

According to his devoted foster dad, Remy is more than just a pretty face—he’s a gentle soul with a heart of gold. Cool as a cucumber around his fellow feline friends, Remy is the epitome of an all-around good boy. Whether he’s lounging in your lap or charming you with his playful antics, one thing’s for certain—Remy is guaranteed to steal your heart from the moment you meet him.

If you’re in search of a sweet lap cat to call your own, look no further than Remy. With his winning smile and infectious zest for life, he’s more than just a pet—he’s family. Meet Remy today and discover the joy of unconditional love wrapped in a furry package. Your new best friend is waiting for you! 

Find more photos of this handsome guy and apply to adopt him at lifelineforpets.org.

 MEET ZOEY, Female Tuxedo, Age One

A cat with its mouth open
Zoey is a tuxedo-wearing lady! Photo: LifelineForPets

Zoey is one special girl! She is very petite for her age. She was rescued when she was just about a month old with her brother. Her brother was adopted rather quickly, but Zoey has been waiting for quite a while.

This little tuxedo kid is funny and quirky, like a little human! It’s hilarious when she starts chasing her own shadow and tail. She is very curious and finds delight in any new little thing or toy. One of her favorite things is a toy mouse that rattles. She will pick it up and shake it and then throw it for herself and go after it! She likes other cats, but sometimes it takes her a little while to warm up to them.

She can be independent but also loves to be around people and pick a lap to lay on. Her favorite part of the day is bedtime so that she can come and cuddle next to you soon. Zoey has a great appetite and likes almost all food! We know she’s going to bring her people lots of joy and laughter.

See more of Zoey at www.lifelineforpets.org/zoey.html.

MEET PHOEBE and CHANDLER, Age Four Months, Adopt Together

A cat that is looking at the camera
Kitten “Friends” furever. Please adopt together. Photo: LifelineForPets

In February, a stray and very friendly mama cat named Rosey was rescued off the streets. Then, in her comfy foster home, she gave birth to six adorable babies: three girls and three boys. We named them after the characters in the “Friends” TV show: Phoebe, Monica, Rachel, Ross, Chandler, and Joey (note: Monica and Rachel are adopted).

Phoebe is a beautiful and sweet calico, and Chandler is a brown tabby. Both kittens adore kisses and are playful and curious, cuddly and snuggly. We prefer our kittens to be adopted together unless there is another young, friendly cat at home. They have not been around dogs but may still be young enough to be introduced gradually.

See more of them at www.lifelineforpets.org/phoebe-chandler-joey-ross.html

MEET CASEY AND SONNY, Bonded Brothers, Age 6

A large orange cat lying on top of each other
Bonded Ginger brothers will be loyal to you. Photo: LifelineforPets

These two charming brothers are a dynamic duo. They, along with their mama and sister, have faced a tough time after their owner sadly passed away.

Their owner’s loyal friend, along with a dedicated foster caregiver, have been tirelessly searching for a forever home for them, but time is running out.

Casey, with his playful spirit, and Sonny, with his gentle demeanor, are inseparable and complement each other perfectly. Both have inherited their mother’s stunning orange fur and are a joy to watch as they explore and play together.

Casey is shy, but once he trusts, he loves tummy rubs, being in the catio, and playing with food puzzles and toy wands. Sonny, aka Mr. Purr-sonality, is very confident. He loves a good massage, rubs on you, plays treat hockey, is first to the food bowl (he’ll remind you when it’s time), and sleeps under covers on top of the bed. 

They might be shy at first, but with patience and love, they’ll soon show you their affectionate sides. They are fully fixed, chipped, vaccinated, and current on all medical needs. They even come with a special swag package to help them settle into their new home.

To adopt, see www.lifelineforpets.org/orange-family.html.

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Darlene Papa

Darlene is the Web manager and a longtime volunteer at Lifeline for Pets, a no-kill cat rescue in Pasadena. She loves reading, the theater, movies and music—and has a weakness for chocolate.
Email: [email protected]


  1. So many cats are like gems who just need someone to help them shine. Thank you, Darlene, for your insights on these kitties. Lifeline for Pets, and many other rescue groups, can help you find that perfect kitty personality, since they can’t speak for themselves. Please consider a rescue cat when you are ready to share your life with a cat. .

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