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These cats and kittens are in search of fur-ever homes.

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Hot weather is the height of bloodsucking vermin season for your pets. While fleas and ticks are always a problem during the summer, it is also the prime season for mosquitos and other creatures who can sneak into your home and affect your pets (and you).

Fleas carry a boatload of diseases that can be bad for humans and animals, including the plague, flea-borne typhus, cat scratch disease and flea tapeworm. They can also cause parasitic dermatitis and a whole host of parasitic and bacterial diseases. Mosquitos can carry heartworms, which are deadly to little pet critters.

Unfortunately, heartworm disease in cats is incurable, so prevention is the only solution. If you think your cat has been exposed, call your vet’s office and ask what signs or symptoms to look for in your pet. Be sure to visit your vet if your fur babies need some preventative medicine.

Of course, nothing beats an annual checkup.   

The beautiful cats and kittens listed below are in search of fur-ever homes. They are currently under the foster care of dedicated volunteers at

Meet Stevie and Mr. Clarence: Inseparable Friends

A cat lying on a couch
Mr. Clarence and Stevie are just waiting for their new home. Photo: Lifelineforpets

Stevie and Mr. Clarence are two loving male cats who have become best friends and need a special home together. They are healthy and will come neutered, microchipped and vetted.

Stevie: 7-year-old brown tabby; sweet, mellow, loves pets and treats;- FIV+ but no meds needed, is a gentle soul and non-aggressive; overlooked for adoption all his life.

Mr. Clarence:  3-year-old Abyssinian mix; shy at first, now blossomed with Stevie’s friendship; confident and happy with Stevie.

These two are inseparable and sleep next to each other. They need an experienced or patient adopter who can give them lots of attention. In return, they’ll bring double the love and joy to your home.

Help Stevie and Mr. Clarence find the real, forever home they’ve never known. They can’t wait to meet you.

Apply at

Joey, Ross and Chandler

A cat sitting on top of each other
Friends fur-ever. Joey, Ross and Chandler, are living The One About A New Home. Photo: Lifelineforpets

Kitten “Friends,” age four months.

In February, a stray and very friendly mama cat named Rosey was rescued off the streets. Then, in her comfy foster home, she gave birth to six adorable babies: three girls and three boys.

We named them after the characters in the “Friends” TV show: Phoebe, Monica, Rachel, Ross, Chandler, and Joey (note: Monica, Phoebe and Rachel are already adopted).

Joey is a lynx-point Siamese mix, Ross is gray and white, and Chandler is a brown tabby.

The kittens adore kisses and are playful, curious, cuddly and snuggly. We prefer kittens to be adopted together unless there is another young, friendly cat at home. They have not been around dogs but may still be young enough to be introduced gradually.

See more of them at

Meet Momma Cat and Kiwi: Bonded Mother and Daughter

A cat that is looking at the camera
Mama Cat and Kiwi want to live together in your home. Photo: Lifelineforpets

Momma Cat, age 7, is also the mother of the two bonded brothers, Sonny and Casey, whom you met last week, and beautiful Kiwi, age 5, is the daughter.

This family’s owner sadly passed away, and the search for their new home is going nowhere.

These beautiful cats are fully fixed, chipped, vaccinated, and current on all medical needs. They even come with a special swag package to help them settle into their new home.

Beautiful, elegant, and nurturing but very shy, Momma Cat is the heart of this lovely family. She was taken in as a feral but has been totally indoors for over five years. With her luxurious orange coat, Momma Cat has been a steadfast presence for her three adorable children.

She deserves a loving home with someone who understands and is okay with the fact that although she will hide for a long time she needs a place where she can relax and enjoy the good life.

Kiwi, the only daughter, is very sweet but very, very shy and needs to be with her Momma. She has the most adorable little meow but needs an owner who will give her time to come around. Until then, she will find a place to hide. 

She loves snuggling with Momma Cat and enjoys quiet moments of bonding. She also likes to play laser. Her beautiful coat and soft purrs make her an irresistible companion. Kiwi is looking for a home where she can stay with her beloved Momma Cat, continuing to receive the love and care they both deserve.

To adopt, visit

Meet Bellina and Vito

A cat that is lying down and looking at the camera
Bellina and Vito have that black magic that we know so well. Photo: Lifelineforpets

This sister and brother were born on 1/1/2024. Bellina is a high-energy little panther. She loves to run and jump, climb the cat tree and play chase with her brother and sister. This petite girl has the cutest amber-colored eyes and sleek fur. She is small for her age yet so fast and an excellent jumper.

Bellina loves to roll around on pillows and snake between them, rubbing her little face all over as if enticing you to pet her. Once you do, she gets so excited she starts wiggling left and right.

She can be a little shy at first, but once she warms up, she is ready to imprint and show you how much love she has to give. Bellina would do great in a home with other cats to exert that kitten energy.

It seems like Vito’s main goal in life is to make you smile. He is such a fun-loving guy who will roll around on your lap and look deep into your eyes.

One of Vito’s favorite activities is to play fetch. He loves to run after his rattling toy mouse when you throw it for him. This little panther brings his mousy back every time.

He also loves feather teasers, bouncy balls, boxes, tunnels and cat trees. He is very playful and just so much fun to watch. Vito would do well in a home with another cat that can match his energy.

Vito knows that black kitties are often overlooked, but he has hope that a loving family will see just how special he is.

Adopting two kittens is preferred unless there is another young feline at home. 

To adopt, see–vito.html.

Meet Sima and Sabina

A cat sitting on top of each other
Three-month-old Sima and Sabina. Photo: Lifelineforpets

This dynamic kitten duo is three months old.

Sabina is a stunning black beauty with medium-length fur that gleams like a midnight sky. Her enchanting personality shines even brighter.

This sweet and curious girl is a bundle of affection, always ready to snuggle up or explore new corners. Sabina’s Siamese heritage is evident in her friendly, chatty nature – she loves a good conversation and will happily share her thoughts with you.

Sima, her lovely sister, is a short-haired tortie with a zest for life that’s simply infectious. Playful and confident, Sima is always on the lookout for her next adventure. Whether it’s chasing a feather toy or pouncing on a rolling ball, she brings boundless energy and joy to every moment.

Together, Sabina and Sima make the perfect pair. They adore playing and exploring side by side, creating endless fun and entertainment. These sisters would thrive in a home with other animal companions or, even better, with each other. Are you ready to welcome double the love and double the fun into your life?

Please call or text foster mom Gabbi at (626) 808-8557.

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