Can You Save a Life (or Two?)

Bring home a new family member.

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Homeless dogs in animal shelter cage

Looking to do a good deed? Actually, your help is a GREAT deed for animals at risk of euthanasia (through no fault of their own) just for being in an overcrowded county animal facility.

These facilities have innocent kittens, pregnant mama cats, injured dogs and cats who, with just some vet care, could be returned to their adoptable selves.  These are abandoned cats and dogs that were once owned, most of whom are mislabeled as “feral” when they are just terribly frightened. Here are three such shelters:

Apple Valley Animal Shelter

  • Email: [email protected] (adoptions), [email protected]  (rescue organizations)
  • Address: 22131 Powhatan Road, Apple Valley, CA 92307
  • Phone: (760) 240-7555
  • It’s very hard to get details, so just go there. They don’t often update their animals.
Looking for a cool cat? Here are three options. Photo: Apple Valley Animal Shelter

Harbor Animal Shelter

  • Email: [email protected]
  • 957 N Gaffey St, San Pedro, CA 90731
  • Cell: (213) 605-4473
  • Shelter: (310)548-2632
A cat sitting on top of a bed
Cheerio, one-year-old orange male, owner surrender. Photo: Harbor Animal Shelter
A cat sitting on top of a bed
Anouk, one-year-old female calico, stray. Photo: Harbor Animal Shelter

Anouk, a one-year-old female calico, was a stray; Cheerio, a one-year-old orange male, was a surrender by his owner; and Cheeks, a one-year-old black male, was a surrender by his owner. They don’t keep the animals long before they are euthanized, so it’s best to go there or call for info.

A cat that is looking at the camera
Cheeks, one-year-old black male, owner surrender. Photo: Harbor Animal Shelter


A dog is posing for the camera

Sadly, they don’t use names. 24-12528 is a black/white female adult dog that weighs approximately 48 lbs. The intake date was 6/30/2024 from the City of Norwalk.

Want something closer?

Pasadena Humane

A dog sitting on a table
Meet Frijol.
Photo: Pasadena Humane

They have many big-breed dogs and some chihuahuas, too. I love this picture of Frijol! He’s only 11 years old and a medium-sized pit bull terrier. His ID is A515379.

Their Web site has good info and pictures, with some descriptions.

Many small, private rescue organizations know their animals very well and are no-kill. They keep their animals for life or until a loving home can be found.

Lifeline for Pets

A cat lying on a bed

Meet Joey and Julius, the dynamic duo looking for their forever home!

In terms of looks, these handsome boys are both sporting classic black and white coats but with their unique flair. Joey boasts a cute black mark around his nose, accentuating his charming features, while Julius rocks a wide blaze that adds an extra dash of personality to his handsome face.  Both are playful and when they are not napping, they zoom around! We can’t understand why they continue to be overlooked for adoption. Purr-haps YOU are the one they are waiting for!

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Darlene Papa

Darlene is the Web manager and a longtime volunteer at Lifeline for Pets, a no-kill cat rescue in Pasadena. She loves reading, the theater, movies and music—and has a weakness for chocolate.
Email: [email protected]

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