Rose, Carmelita, Ramona, Markian & Justin Need Forever Homes

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Welcome to our new spot for finding pets! This recurring column was created as a resource where we share pet fostering and adoption opportunities.

The crisis

Our city, county, state, and country are overcrowded with companion animals needing homes. Animal shelters in Southern California are at capacity, including our local Pasadena Humane. Also be aware that at many other shelters around our region, conditions may be extremely poor, and euthanasia is the daily reality.

The solution

Fostering or adopting an animal from any shelter is literally a lifesaving move.

If you have rescued an animal that needs a home, or if you want to share an urgent request for rescue, fostering or adoption, send your request to [email protected]. We will need a photo and description of the animal, a contact email or Instagram handle to arrange a meeting, and your written permission in order to publish your item.

Please understand that we publish weekly and will make every effort to publish your item promptly.

Kindly note that we do not publish requests for crowdsourcing funds, and we will assume no liability for outcomes of rescuers, fosters and adopters with animals.

Thank you for caring for our fellow creatures!

Meet Rose, the guinea pig

Lisa from Altadena seeks a safe, caring home for a female guinea pig named Rose.


  • Female guinea pig
  • Age: 4 years old
  • In good health according to annual checkup in October 2023.

Lisa notes, “I’m trying to re-home a sweet guinea pig who is a loved and well cared-for family pet. The family had to move out of the country and the guinea pig cannot move with them. If you’re interested in adopting, ideally you’ve been a guinea pig owner already.”

Email for an appointment to meet Rose: [email protected]

Sister Act

Justyna of Lamanda Park bravely snatched these two lovelies from dire neglect back in October. They are sisters, a bonded pair, and need to be adopted together. We’re unofficially calling them Carmelita and Ramona after two of our favorite songs (Zevon, Dylan), but you can rename them however you like.


  • Gray and white, with fluffy medium-length fur
  • Female siblings, bonded pair, must be adopted together
  • Age: 9 weeks /2 months, I week (approximate)
  • Already vaccinated
  • In good health, scheduled for a pre-paid spay procedure in mid-January, courtesy of Cat Posse

Dudes of Devore

Check out these adorable baby boys at the Devore Animal Shelter in San Bernardino, (909) 386-9820. Press 2 for Devore Shelter, then press 3 to speak with a shelter agent.

MARKIAN, #A790413


  • Ginger-marmalade and white tabby, Domestic Short Hair
  • Age: 16 weeks / 4 months (approximate)
  • No known health issues. Not yet neutered.
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